Monday, 2 May 2011

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (GB)

Adventures in Jurassic Park, part 13.

Presented in Super Game Boy-vision, to save us having to look at green monochrome again.

Our hero travels alone to the island on a speed boat. So I guess this has absolutely nothing to do with any of the movies then. He's got no hat so I'm guessing we're not Alan Grant for once though.

They're making me collect dinosaurs eggs again? You've got to be shitting me...

I'm getting a bit of a 'Metal Gear' vibe from this mission briefing screen for some reason. I've got no idea who this guy is though. Or who I am. Or where I am.

Well, my egg-o-meter reads 10 eggs, and points downwards, so I guess I should go look for a way down.

Yeah, that's not firing your gun. For some reason I can only fire the gun when I'm on the ground, and I can only punch when I'm entirely stationary. Which is awkward because the character has momentum and takes a second to stop. Plus a half second to even turn around! So I'm just going to avoid enemies if I can help it.


It's okay, I can just shoot him in the back and steal a health pickup from his corpse.

Agh, these damn plants keep spitting crap at me, and I can't fire diagonally. But I can fire from here! Taste my fury.

Nice try compy, but you missed! My guy can climb ledges fortunately, so getting back up is no problem.

Ugh, it's lucky this game has no time limit, because it's going to take me forever to jump on these plants and get up to that box. Especially with this flower shooting me all the time.

Yeah, that's really helping. Thanks for that mate. These stegosauruses seem to be the closest thing to a threat in the game so far, and that's just because I keep running into them. It's a big change from Chaos Continues or the Mega Drive platformers, where dinosaurs would quickly kick my ass.

Huh, I've reached the end of the level, but he's just running on the spot.

Oh yeah, right. The eggs.

Well the good news is that now I know I can survive long falls with relatively little damage. The bad news is ow.

The final egg! It's not actually black in game, it just flashes.

Level 2, and now there are people trying to shoot me again. Was there ever a point in any of the Jurassic Park films where any character threatened any other character with a gun? Because I can't think of a time that ever happened.

Getting up this tree and grabbing these pterodactyl eggs should be pretty easy, with my ledge climbing skills.

Wait, did that briefing say PTERODACTYLS?

Oh come on, I was so close, it's right there... just put me down!

I hate pterodactyls. It's like Rampage Edition all over again.

Okay, it stopped being funny the twentieth time you did that.

These idiots are even less of a threat than the dinosaurs, they can't shoot down so I'm entirely safe here. It's a shame their own bullets can't hurt them, or else this would have been hilarious.

You can't see very well, but I'm actually using a badass spinning leg sweep on this guy. And the final egg is mine!

Come back you coward! Now these guys know I'm completely immune to their attacks, they run at the sight of me.

We're collecting floppy disks in this level? But my counter still shows an egg icon...

Hey, this level has lifts! With flashing lights on the side for some reason.

Ugh, what? What the hell is this thing, where the hell did it... get OFF you little...

Wow, and that was it. Game over. No lives, no continues. Damn I hate velociraptors. I hate them so much.

Well, okay it gave me a password, but screw that! Next game.

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