Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (SNES)

Not the arcade shooter, it's the other one.

That's a very well drawn scary robot head. I like how it's apparently a trademark.

That's interesting, I wasn't expecting it to be a side scrolling action game. Okay I need to find a pistol and a shotgun somehow, and also John Connor's address.

Also I need to find future objects apparently, in the movie they were locked in a vault at Cyberdyne. But I guess they're just sitting inside a biker bar in this game.

Two doors to check, this shouldn't take long.

Hey, I was attacked first, honest! These bikers keep swarming at me, I guess they really don't like naked Austrian sounding robots stealing their clothes.

Hey, I've found a future object! It's a little hard to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing with it when I'm being attacked by infinite bikers though. They've got guns too! Where's my gun? Why can't I have a gun?

Someone finally dropped a pistol, so I can get somewhere now. One future object collected, and I can go back and get the other one.

I need to be careful though, I only have 25% health because these bikers will not leave me alone. I must have slaughtered about a hundred of them at this point.

I'm not standing on anything, that's just how he jumps.

YES, I have the shotgun. Maybe I just had to kill a certain amount of bikers to get it to drop. Unfortunately, unlike the pistol, this has limited ammo.

Actually, apparently I haven't killed anyone yet, every hit has been non-lethal. Even that one.

Everything in this game seems to explode when hit. Pool tables, bins, phone booths... oh shit, I was supposed to get an address from that phone booth!

Fortunately there was enough of the phone book left.

Wow, only 133 bikers? It seemed like more.

And now a bike level!

Uh, I have no idea how to steer this damn bike. It seems to go wherever the hell it wants. I wish these bikers would leave me alone for a second so I can figure this out.

Crap, I exploded. Killer robots may have the edge when it comes to walking sideways and shooting people, but it seems that bikers are much better at biking.

Because of my failure I allowed Terminator 4 to happen.

Well whatever, I actually liked that movie. It was better than the third at least. Next game.

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  1. Holy hell, the Terminator in this game is pathetic XD
    At least it has some great graphics, though. Kinda reminds me of the art style that alot of Amiga games had.


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