Saturday, 7 May 2011

Archimedean Dynasty (MS-DOS)

For some reason I thought this was going to be a space empire type of game, but I'm starting to have my doubts.

After getting blown up while transporting cargo for his boss in the intro, our hardboiled hero Emerald 'Deadeye' Flint finds himself having to rebuild his reputation. I guess this is set in a post apocalyptic future where the surface is ruined and everyone lives under the sea.

Hey it's the boss, El Topo. He's a bit pissed off that we lost his cargo, Flint's a bit pissed off because he was deliberately given a shitty ship to defend it with. But I guess hardboiled mercenary hero types are in short supply right now, because he's got a job for us.

I can choose my responses in these conversations, but half the time the game only gives me one choice to click on. So it mostly comes down to me clicking on the line of dialogue to progress.

Okay, let's set sail to Vespucci and figure out what kind of game this is.

Wow, that was totally uneventful. No gameplay at all.

I find Perry standing around in the crew room and head back to the dock.

Okay, this is new. I'm in the cockpit of my sub and I'm under attack by ANARCHOSCOUTS! And a damn fine looking cockpit it is too, in my humble opinion. The design is intricate but functional, and it's got a nice use of colour.

Oh yeah, right, Anarchoscouts, uh... okay I just need to figure out how to steer and shoot.

Ah, it uses arrow keys, perfect. This guy doesn't stand a chance.

This really doesn't feel like an sluggish underwater game at all. It's more like a blue tinted space shooter, slick and fast paced.

I took care of the enemies, so I've got a chance to switch to third person cam and admire my vehicle.

Wow, my sub is a dirty ugly little tanker-thing. Actually, I think I like the thing anyway. It's... functional.

I complete the mission and meet up face to face with El Topo for some more verbal abuse.

He gives us another job. Garbage disposal, yay.

Holy crap that's a lot of targets! Oh wait, it's just trash.

Floating junk doesn't tend to put up much of a fight, so this is just a shooting gallery. Junk doesn't traditionally explode when shot either, but I'm not complaining. It saves me from having to do something useful like collecting it up for recycling.

That looks more like a space fighter than a submarine in my opinion. Though space fighters don't need wings either now that I think about it...

Wow, El Topo just got owned!!

These two really need to put all this childish bullshit behind them or it's not going to end well. For one thing if Emerald Flint keeps accusing his boss of deliberately setting him up to be ambushed he's never going to get a raise.

El Topo sends me back out to do... something. Aww these little buggy things look cool.

I guess I should probably be heading to the next navpoint and looking for something to shoot.

I found an enemy base, so my guys sent me a bomber as backup. Now I can sit back and watch it lay waste to the facility.

Actually screw that, I wanna join in. Taking out a couple of these gun turrets should help.

Huh, 'ALERT'? What's up?

Oh shit, my armour's nearly gone!

Son of a bitch! I was just starting to like that thing too.

Well, at least Flint survived. Oh wait, he's got no diving gear. Well, he's fucked.

Next game.

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