Sunday, 22 May 2011

Kolibri (32X)

Kolibri 32X title screen logo
I think this one's called Kolibri. Or maybe it's Kplibys, it's hard to tell.

Kolibri 32X hummingbird art
Okay, that looks cool. Best hummingbird art I've ever seen in a mid 90s video game.

Well, okay maybe it looks like the kind of thing you'd see printed on a decorative plate. But compared to the art I've seen so far in 32x games like Knuckles' Chaotix, that's still a step up.

Okay I'm a hummingbird, no big surprise there. I can roam around the level freely, but I can't do any attacks, or much of anything except for a dart forward move.

It's a real shame the dithering is so obvious in these screenshots, because it looks awesome in motion. There's multiple levels of depth to the background, and it all scrolls smoothly. Also my hummingbird is much easier to see against the background when you can see it flapping its wings.

Prettiest hummingbird sprite in all of gaming, no doubt.

Those things look creepy, I think I'll go back over to the left.

You know, I'm getting a bit of an Ecco the Dolphin vibe from this so far. It feels like the calm before the disaster happens.

That thing has 'insta-kill' written all over its face. I think I'll avoid it.

Hey, this seems to be where all the cool humming birds hang out. I guess I'll chill here for a while, maybe get a drink from one of those flowers.

What the fuck, man? When I get close to the flowers, the other hummingbirds come and hassle me, giving me aggro. There seems to be some sparkly stuff happening by that flower but I'm pushed away before I can do anything about it.

Aha! I've found my own flower, next to a suspicious looking crystal.

And then the world goes all dark and moody and the dolphins get sucked out of the water. No wait, that's Ecco the Dolphin. What really happens is that suspicious crystal starts giving my hummingbird super powers.

I load up with a couple more super power ups. They're totally cryptic though so I have no idea what I'm getting. Yellow arrow and red circle? No clue.

I found some wasps bullying the other hummingbirds, so I swooped in on a rescue mission. It's turned into a shooter now, with my little bird firing all kinds of energy projectiles.

These flowers are hummingbird property, bitches! The trouble with these guys is that when they're not hovering around giving other creatures a hard time, they're swooping off screen and being hard to hit, or even keep track of.

As a shooter this doesn't seem much fun at all. It's pretty though.

Wasps win. My hummingbird explodes into feathers. I hope I wasn't supposed to be saving the world or anything, because if so then the world is so screwed.

Next game.

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