Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jurassic Park 2 (GB)

Adventures in Jurassic Park, part 11.

It doesn't quite have the same visual impact as having the number scratched in with dinosaur claws.

Always nice to see the big gates appear. You can find dinosaurs in all kinds of games, but it's iconic images like this that really make a game feel like Jurassic Park. Hearing the theme would help too, but it seems they'd rather go with something catchy.

They should make a Jurassic Park game where all the dinosaurs stay locked up in their paddocks and don't wander the park freely, harassing people and eating lawyers. And you'd take photos of them or something, I don't know.

Is that bird supposed to be a compy? Either way, he's getting a couple of shots from my boomstick. Unlike the SNES Jurassic Park 2, there's no penalty for dinosaur killing here, and both my shotgun and grenades have unlimited ammo. It seems the enemies reappear when I walk off screen though.

Plus the music is the same as the first Jurassic Park game on the Game Boy (and NES). I'm not quite sick of the tune from Comic Bakery yet though so it's fine.

 Man, I love this guy's walk cycle. He looks more like Clint Eastwood than Alan Grant.

Oh crap, I walked right into an angry miniature triceratops!

Oh cool, a few grenades sorted him out. Damn, Dr. Grant is full of cool animations, like kicking his feet forwards as he jumps.

Level complete!

Okay, I'm a a little stuck on level 2, as I appear to have run out of level. This isn't even a blind jump, that's water down there.

Oh wow, Alan Grant can swim!

Huh, the level exit door is shut. But I want to leave! Oh crap, don't tell me I'm supposed to be collecting those JP boxes?

I guess it could be worse. It could have been dinosaur eggs again.

Excellent, the last keycard!

Awesome, I'm finally through. Why the hell did I need FIVE keycards to get this door open anyway?

This is the Triceratops Zone? I just left a zone full of triceratops, why does this new place get to be the Triceratops Zone?

Oh shit, I get it now! Fucking run!!

Okay I think I'll be okay if I just hide in here forever. Oh man, that never works in boss fights. I'm going to have to get up and shoot him.

Yeah take that, bitch. Dr Alan Grant is gonna kick your ass like he kicked all your mini triceratops buddies' asses.

Oh crap, the floor panels just switched. RUN, HIDE!


The palaeontologist wins again. I even have a life left, and a couple of hit points.

Damn, I was hoping the hardest part would have been over.

I'm jumping through the trees on the next stage, and I have... fuck, 11 keycards to collect now! I miss the carefree days where I could just stroll to the right, throwing grenades at bird compys to the theme from Comic Bakery.

Is this a floating island in the clouds above Jurassic Park? If so, how did this mini-triceratops get here? Oh well, I just got killed.

Whoa, that's a creepy looking Tyrannosaurus. He definitely looks like he's up to something.

But I'm done with this. Next game.

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