Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Jurassic Park (SNES)

Adventures in Jurassic Park, part 3.

Whoa, that looks much better than the NES and GB versions. Weirdly I have to control the pointer with the d-pad to select menu options. And the pointer has momentum.

Ha! I start with the gate open this time. No eggs to find, no keycards to collect. And no clue where I'm supposed to go.

The music is catchy enough, but it still doesn't sound anything like the movie.

I start off with a taser in this one, and it recharges over time. It still doesn't seem worth wasting it on these little compys though, it's faster just to dodge them.

Holy shit... where the fuck did THAT come from?

Eat taser bitch!

Well I'm dead. I have a health bar like in the last two games, but these things are so deadly they'll just burn through it in seconds.

And now I'm back at the start again.


I thought the electric fences were supposed to be OFF! I guess I should have just jumped over it... but I was curious.

WHAT? What just happened? These things just leap out of the trees and murder you before you know what you're doing. I keep trying to switch from taser to something that will kill them, but the switch weapon button is Select and it's not the fastest button to hit when raptors are diving at you.

HAH, I had my fucking rocket launcher equipped this time! Heh heh... man I am not coming down here again. Too many raptors. I saw a gate to the north earlier which I couldn't get open, but I've just thought of an idea.


I backtracked to the gate and gave it an electric jolt. Seems to have done the job.

Awesome, I found a motion sensor. If these are anything like the ones in the NES/GB versions I'll be able to bring up a computer screen.

Yeah, there's no way I'm going back to those raptors. Well that was less than helpful.

Great, now I have to put up with these messages popping up every 30 seconds?

Thanks Tim, you just got me killed. Now you have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life. Again.

That really shouldn't look as good as it does.

Hey, I restarted at the motion sensor! Also hey, when I leave it paused I get dino trivia! It's edutainment!

Why does Tim want me dead so badly? GET OFF MY SCREEN YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE!


You have got to be shitting me. I'm not collecting more eggs.

Hey the music changed. Damn, I can't shoot on stairs in this one either?

That is a very nice looking rock wall, but it's bothering me. The stairs are shorter than the wall so at this camera angle doesn't that make them steeper?

A rock fell on my head and killed me, so I got bored of the rocky cliffs and headed this direction instead. Now I just need to find myself a door I can open. This game could REALLY use a map.

Whoa, it's gone all 'Doom'. And two years before the SNES version of Doom was released too. I'm not sure why Alan Grant is suddenly wearing goggles, though I guess the actual reason is 'to make the screen smaller.' I tried using the mouse but I found it even more awkward than the pad so I switched back.

Son of a bitch! Even in here I can't escape from the raptors. The part of the game is actually pretty easy. There's not much ammo but the enemies don't respawn, and there's no trees for them to jump out of.

These green dinosaurs aren't even moving, so I can take my time lining the enemies up so I can kill two of them with one shot. I couldn't find a way to strafe, but the shoulder buttons are used to make slow turns so I can fine tune my aim.

Son of a BITCH! That's me, I'm Alan Grant! Let me in you asshole!

Wait, I'm a just a visitor, a palaeontologist who came here to take a tour of the park. I don't even work here, I don't even have a keycard!

Screw this. Next game!

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