Saturday, 2 April 2011

Road Riot 4WD (SNES)

Hey, another racing game! And this one's got chrome plated writing on the title screen!

Nice art on the buggies there... at least compared to the sand. Wait, are they firing GUNS?

I love guns, but whenever I play a game with them mounted on cars I'm usually disappointed.

She doesn't seem properly dressed for a trip to the void of infinite darkness. The sunglasses seem unnecessary at least.


#1 - Why isn't the animation synced up for both player's screens? Look at the woman with the flag (oh wow she's the woman with the sunglasses from the last picture, I only just noticed.), she's standing in the different position on each half of the screen.

#2 - This game is totally irredeemably terrible. It's too stuttery and awkward and slow to be even be playable.

This has got to be the worst racing game on the SNES, and maybe even the worst racing game I've played out of all the games I've played so far. It's worse than Dirt Racer. It's even worse than Quad Challenge.

I can't play this. Next game.

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