Wednesday, 13 April 2011

SeaQuest DSV (SNES)

I just hope it's better than that Star Trek: TNG game.

Hey, we've got a dolphin, look at it spin! Wait, armament: 0, armor: 0, what use is it to me then? Bolt some torpedo launchers onto the side for a start.

Wow, all I have to do is win this simulation and I get to command my own ship! I can skip the long tedious process of gaining experience and working my way through the ranks.

Well I'm not sitting on a bridge surrounded by cryptic buttons, which I guess might be a good sign. On the other hand I'm hiding behind a rock from enemy submarines that are trying to kill me.

Deciding that trying to out-manoeuvre the enemy subs was unlikely to work due this thing steering like... well, a submarine, I dive out of cover and charge them.

Both ships are destroyed! I take some damage, but it seems like the ship auto repairs so I'm calling it a total success.

The main problem I have in combat is actually getting my torpedoes to hit the enemy. I'm pointing directly at this guy, and my torpedoes are still flying past him harmlessly.

I ran out of all my regular ammo and had to switch types to kill him in the end, but I'm here now at the mission objective. A crashed plane full of plutonium to plunder. I mean recover.

So I guess we send a craft down then?

Oh, so THERE'S the bridge full of cryptic buttons. Is that what the set really looked like in the series? Nevermind, I need to get to the bay and send something out to get the plutonium.

My dolphin's still in the workshop getting the torpedo launchers bolted on, so I'll send out...

Mr Handy from Fallout! I'm sure it has a real name, but I can't remember it.

Mr Handy is against incredible odds. For some reason, despite me clearing it of enemies mere minutes beforehand, the sea is now swarming with pirate ships. And they're all shooting me.

I race to get to the plutonium, dodging and weaving between the... little orange balls of death. But it's no good, I'm taking too many hits and I'm not going to make it.

But then I finally reach the plutonium, resting in a cave. With my health in single digits, I swoop in and grab it... flying straight into a wall and exploding.

Next game.

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