Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Saturday Night Slammasters (SNES)

I'm predicting wrestling.

Okay, I wasn't predicting that.

Oh wow, it's Haggar! How can I not select Haggar. We can map out our travel plans on this wrestling champion belt!

This game has been really 'Street Fighter 2' styled so far. I like the rock soundtrack.

Round one. I'm going to enjoy beating the crap out of Gunloc. Haggar's gonna take you for a ride.

Hey, no, c'mon! I'm still figuring out what the buttons do.

I like this button. It seems like the tide has now turned!

Okay, stumbled a bit at the end there, but I think I know what I'm doing now. I just need to find a character that suits me better.

Hey, this guy likes heavy metal and looks like Liquid Snake. That's exactly what I was looking for.

No no, don't do that. I was winning!

Damn, he's got me pinned. I hammer the buttons but it's not working. I've lost.

"Comrade Zangief was right! You all fight cheap!". Slamkovich is not a very good loser it seems.

Hey there's a guy in the background taking a flash photo of Gunloc's ass.

This new fighter of mine will definitely kick his ass. He's fast, nimble and can spin around through the air out of range of Gunloc's clumsy attacks.

Oh crap.

Maybe I need to choose a wrestler who's a little... taller.

Oh come on! What does it take to beat this guy?

He threw me out the ring and now he's kicking me in the head. I would like it very much if it was the other way around.

Also, is that kid grabbing my hair? This isn't working out like I planned at all.

And I'm pinned. Three and I'm out.

NOT THIS TIME MOTHERFUCKER! I got out of being pinned and turned it right back on him. I did it! I beat Gunloc!

Round 1 complete, onto round 2. Actually screw that, I'm playing something else.

This seems like a pretty well made wrestling game, definitely better than something like Beast Wrestler, but it's hard to to be certain when I spent most of my play time with Gunloc's ass on my dude's face. Next game.

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