Thursday, 28 April 2011

Jurassic Park (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Adventures in Jurassic Park, part 6.

That looks cool. Very dramatic. It seems that the artist got bored adding anti-aliasing to the tyrannosaurus bones halfway through though, and couldn't be bothered getting the text looking right.

It starts with a short intro showing bad things happening to Dr. Grant's car.
The rex has demolished your car, the electric fences are down, and all the dinosaurs are loose on the island. Make your way though the jungle to the power station.
It's just a 'rex' now?

Isn't that the wrong car? Nevermind, it's still way closer to the movie than most of the games so far. Okay I need to grab some ammo and figure out how to play this.

Son of a bitch! I take a step forward and immediately get a triceratops in the face.

I managed to jump over her, but I left all the ammo over there. Whatever, I'm sure I'll be able to grab more as I go.

I'm going to need some ammo.

Just gonna sneak back over here and grab this...

Okay, I got past the green dinosaur and now... I'm falling into a pit of spikes.

Crap, got a compy in my face!

Oh come on, I crawl through to a branch and it breaks, dropping me down a bottomless pit.

YES, I finally make it to the entrance to the power station. I think. The graphics are a little vague.

I think I like this place better. No drops into spikes or bottomless pits.

Don't try this at home.

Gonna taser this dilophosaurus. Unfortunately the taser isn't infinite like in those other Jurassic Park games, so I'm wasting ammo doing this.

I get the feeling that this is probably a bad idea, but I don't know what else to do.

Ow. Dying put me right back at the start of the level again, so screw that.

But... what's this?
You have broken out of the raptor cage, and you are now free to roam the island. You have picked up the scent of Dr. Grant. As you stalk him through the jungle, beware of armed guards.
Awesome! Wait, we're tracking Dr. Grant specifically? I KNEW IT! In those other Jurassic Park games, dinosaurs seemed to avoid other characters and head straight for Alan Grant, and now it's finally confirmed. Dinosaurs HATE Dr. Alan Grant.

Wait... did that say armed guards? I don't remember them in Jurassic Park. Or, you know, in the human levels where they would have been useful to have around.

This is actually a different level to Grant's first stage, and the raptor plays a little differently. She can jump further, she kills whatever he lands on, and she has infinite melee attacks. Also it looks like they used claymation for her or something, it's hard to tell. It looks cool though.

It seems like she can hover too. I started crawling at the edge of the ledge, and I made my way all the way across without falling. Hey, isn't that Dr. Grant down there? Hold on a second, I'll get to him.

Dammit, so close! I get within biting distance and he runs off into the power station.

This is better than Dr. Grant's level because I can pounce on people and eviscerate them. Okay you don't see any blood or gore, but what else is she gonna be doing to these poor goons?

Squish. The raptor is actually able to climb up ledges just as Alan Grant can. She's a pretty capable character.

Raptors can not swim. Avoid the water that floods the abandoned pump station as you pursue Grant.
Damn right I'll pursue that bastard, he'll not escape me a third time! I'm still not sure what this Grant vendetta is about, and why we're choosing to chase him instead of eating any of the goons we've been murdering, but whatever.

 If I miss this jump I fall into the water and die. But I'm the raptor, I'm all about the jumping.

Raptor needs to learn how to swim.

Next game.

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