Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Iconoclasts (PC) - Guest Post

Ocean reappears to play through a bit of this insanely pretty, tragically unfinished freeware title by creator Konjak (visit his site). You can download the game yourself here: download The Iconoclasts.

I was told about the game "Iconoclast" before, so I went to check it up. It is made by the same one who did Noitu Love. I rather liked that one so I decided to give this a try.

I didn't see much of a title screen but this is the first image that showed up so I'll declare it a title screen. I have to say the pixel work is really well done.

This is my home! It is a very nice home.

I have Level 0 Coolness. Figures, just like real life.

You have a nice gun, it doesn't have ammo, and it can usually auto fire at the direction of the nearest enemy. Pretty useful!

Press A to use your wrench, S to jump, and D to fire your gun. Hold the key to use the charged shot. The controls are simple yet they work well. There aren't enough tools/weapons in the game but the menu option has it to switch between them too.

So charged shot. Also, this has some similarities to Metroid, in the scrolling levels and the minimap. You can get new tools and abilities or keys to pass obstacles you couldn't before.

I've already ran into the first boss battle and I'm not far in the game. Luckily it's easy to beat. It'll go under the bridge, then rise up, change the bridge a bit, then you dodge and then attack it.

Hey stop that, you pervs...

They didn't find my secret WRENCH! I am secretly a Mechanic. They hate those. More on that later!

Stuff needs wrenching. Also, you can use wrenches to go from one screw to another. They even have other uses as well.

It can't get me here... I'm safe. I need to eventually kill it to get its key, but you're not gonna do that by shooting it.

Religion enters the equation!

The church looks pretty nice. However, the houses below are in disrepair. And Mechanics are hunted down and disliked here. So that leaves a bit of a disadvantage. Especially to you.

You can find various metals around. Talk to a guy like this and he'll combine it to give a power up. (If you must know, the Cool stat just lowers the cooldown period after you fire from a charged shot).

I think this explains the religion background in this game well enough!

Time to break out... with a companion! They'll fire and offer some advice and some backup. They can't die so you don't have to babysit them. Which is nice!

A simple stealth segment. You just crawl whenever they're laughing. *Something about girls* *Double meaning phrase involving the first statement* *Laugh* is usually the pattern, though they can be sneaky and break it up.

Cool, a save statue. I was hoping I didn't have to go all the way home to get it. Though I think someone broke the moon.

A boot... a bottle with a letter in it... some people... some litter... Oh yeah, people. I suppose we can help them. What comes is a great scene though.

And I end up in the Desert. What wild adventures will I have now??

I'm stuck. You have to wrench jump past 4 of these, it's hard enough to make one of them. That's it for now. It is not a complete game so I believe the game ends somewhere in this desert.

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  1. the artstyle in the backgrounds and foregrounds is phenomenal.


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