Get a handy Super Adventures Firefox Search plug-in here: GoBusto.


VGJunk - Screenshots and commentary for games both classic and obscure. Basically a lot like Super Adventures in format, except it's funnier and he often finishes the things. - Comedy video reviews about cheap crap and occasionally also something about retro games. Mostly crap though.


Chrontendo - In 2007, one man decided to play and document every single NES/Famicom game ever for a series of videos, and now he's moved onto TurboGrafx, Master System, beer and Star Wars comics as well. Surprisingly interesting, very informative, and occasionally even funny.

Game Boy World - It's like Chrontendo, except for people who prefer their games tiny and monochrome.

DefinitelyRussian - Ever wanted to see 11 second clips of every single video game released for a console, in a row? This YouTube channel has you covered.

Hardcore Gaming 101 - In depth articles about countless video games and game series. The secrets of gaming are contained within.

Indie Retro News - Indie game and retro remake news blog, basically.

My all time favourite video games - A guy taking a look at his favourite classic games, in chronological order.

Retro Spirit - A blog about games with retro spirit basically, whether they're modern titles with an 8-bit heart, or geniune classics from the 80s and 90s.

Socks Make People Sexy - Not actually about socks. There's a ton of interesting info here about game series like Final Fantasy, Silent Hill and Legacy of Kain. Well I found it interesting anyway.

Free Indie Games - Info on exciting new free indie games, run by the guy who created Super Hexagon and VVVVVV. Well, not so new any more considering that they stopped updating in April 2014, but their previous discoveries and recommendations remain listed indefinitely.

GamesLikeZone - If you want to see lists of games that are like other games, these folks have been putting them together for you.


Dead End Thrills - Incredible ultra-high quality screenshots from beautiful video games.

Postcards from Azeroth - Screenshot postcards taken from World of Warcraft.

Semi-Random Game Box