About the site.

Super Adventures in Gaming is the story of how Ray Hardgrit (and sometimes others, like mecha-neko) decided to play every video game there ever was (in no particular order), and take screenshots. Mostly just out of curiosity.

It's like a collection of mini Let's Play posts taking a quick look at the first hour or so of gameplay, focused more on showing clean screenshots of game art and explaining what annoyed or impressed us, than on reviewing entire games in depth.

More often than not we go into the games with no clue what to expect and now idea how to play, so it's never going to be a demonstration of gaming skill, or a guide on how to play anything. But hopefully we do well enough to figure out what the game actually is, before moving on to the next one.


Okay to be honest these are more like 'Rarely Asked Questions' but still, I haven't been as clear about these things as I could have been:

What's this site even about, what's the point of it?

I'm going through all the eras of video games, looking for any excuse to take a screenshot. I play the games long enough to satisfy my curiosity, then hopefully write enough about them to satisfy yours.

Why the hell did you think that was a good name for a blog?

I took 'Adventures in Gaming' and put 'Super' in front of it. You know, like Super Mario and Super Nintendo. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Why do some games have 'gold star for not being crap' picture and label at the bottom of the post, what does that mean?

It means that I liked the game enough to want to play it again. I changed the graphic in early 2015 to make it less misleading, so now there's two of them floating around.

This only shows up on the articles that I've written myself, as it's my own personal opinion. Games are so subjective and I feel that any kind of score has far more value when it's viewed in context with a reviewer's other ratings. Not that I'd call myself a reviewer, I'd typically have to finish the games before I'd be comfortable doing that.

Despite the stupid name, the absence of the 'gold star for not being crap' label doesn't mean the game is crap, it's just that I personally don't have any interest in continuing to play it. Because it's probably crap.

What does the 'wins the prize' picture mean?

It means that I'm well and truly off the fence when it comes to whether or not I liked the game. Consider it something like five stars, 90% or an A. Again it's always my personal opinion, so disregard when appropriate.

Why do you always just make a couple of snarky comments about the first few minutes of a game, then quit?

I don't do that any more! Have you been reading my older articles? I was much less patient in the olden days before I got more of a handle on what I wanted the site to be, more focused on quantity over quality.

Also I don't want to write up a entire 'Let's Play' on every game I play, showing the whole game from start to finish. You can visit the Let's Play Archive or watch a youtube walkthrough for that. I just want to share a few snapshots of what a game is actually like, something short that you can read through in a couple of minutes instead of taking it taking up your whole afternoon and revealing all the surprises.

I've noticed that you change your logo every year, can I get a look at all the old logos?

No problem, here are all the site logos I've gone through so far:

2011 - Year One:

2012 - Year Two:

2013 - Year Three:

2014 - Year Four:

2015 - Year Five:

2016 - Year Six:

2017 - Year Seven:

2018 - Year Eight:

2019 - Year Nine:

2020 - Year Ten:

2021 - Year Eleven:

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