Monday, 31 January 2011

Amiga title screens

Title screen megapost! The good, the bad, the weird and the ugly.

Sabre Team (Amiga)

You can find my second look at the game here instead: Sabre Team (Amiga) - Replay.

Sabre Team (AGA Version). Came out around the same time as X-Com, and apparently has similar gameplay.

Supremacy - Your Will Be Done (Amiga)

Spaceship break.

Super C (Amiga)

You can find my second look at the game (and its various ports) here instead: Probotector II (NES).

Time to play something respectable.

Super C, a port of the classic 1988 Konami arcade game Super Contra. Reasonably highly regarded too I believe.

Navy SEALs (Amiga)

This picture is great for so many reasons. Apparently that's supposed to be Charlie Sheen.

Suburban Commando (Amiga)

Time for the worst of the worst. The very bottom of the shit barrel. This should help put those other bad games into some perspective.

Sword of Sodan (Amiga)

Okay, now I'm playing...


Stormlord (Amiga)

Now things are getting real. A huge half naked guy with a sword and a beard, and he's commanding the heavens themselves! Lightning magic, skulls on spikes, tiny naked women... it's all going on.

Fish! (Amiga)

Fish break.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Amiga)

Oh wow, the music in this is so incredibly bad. It's like someone has mapped a 'SPIDER-MAN!' sample to their keyboard, and they're playing a tune with it.

Ghost Battle (Amiga)

Time for a game of...

There's nothing 'NORMAL' about that.

Crime Does Not Pay (Amiga)

I hope he's going to roar like the MGM lion.

Creatures (Amiga)

Just for a change, I'm playing something I've played before.

It stands for 'Clyde Radcliffe Exterminates All The Unfriendly Repulsive Earth-ridden Slime'.

Nice waterfall. Nice everything in fact.

Cytron (Amiga)


Taking a breather out on Mars.

Cosmic Spacehead (Amiga)

Hey... this looks pretty well made. Maybe my long search for a decent platformer is finally over.

Corporation (Amiga)

Okay, seems like a business sim. Not my sort of game but whatever.

Cool Croc Twins (Amiga)

Wow, Cool Crocs. Apparently with 'attitude'. That one even has his cap on backwards. I guess this is a cute platformer then?

Harald Hårdtand - Kampen Om De Rene Tænder (Amiga)


Codename: ICEMAN (Amiga)

That's it, I think I need a break from these games.

Just gonna chill out for a bit.

Clever & Smart (Amiga)

That looks pretty bad, but if there's anything I've learned from this, it's that you can't judge a game from its title screen.

Chubby Gristle (Amiga)

We're going really retro with this one it seems.

Charlie J Cool (Amiga)

 Wow. With a name like that I'm predicting this will be a masterpiece of game design.

Celtic Legends (Amiga)

Hey, this looks badass.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Super Cauldron (Amiga)

Cool art intermission, from Super Cauldron.

Cedric and the Lost Sceptre (Amiga)

That's one of the best looking title screens I've seen yet.

Castle Master (Amiga)

I guess this is about a castle or something then.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Amiga)

I know you're all dying to see to see this one, so I shall selflessly play it. For you.

Captain Blood (Amiga)

With a name like Captain Blood, I was expecting something more piratey. But hey, I like space games! Looks very 'Alien'.

Doofus (Amiga)

 Agh, it's like Doodlebug v2. My poor aching eyes.

Doodlebug (Amiga)

Wow, that seems unusually... well made. You know, relatively speaking.

Dogs of War (Amiga)

Hell yeah, let's go!

Defenders of the Earth (Amiga)

Earth's greatest champions, The Phantom, some magician guy, Flash Gordon, and some other guy, join together to save the Earth!

Dan Dare III - The Escape (Amiga)

Dan Dare III!

Dragon's Lair (Amiga)

 For a game originally made in 1983, that really doesn't look bad.

Dragon Wars (Amiga)

I'm liking that dragon. Those heroes probably should have worn some clothes for this fight.

Deathbringer (Amiga)


Square one

I've been checking out a couple of old video games lately.

Games I hadn't heard of or played before, like:

Danger Freak


Blazing Thunder

And it occurred to me how I'd be pretty selfish to not share art like this with the world. In exchange though, you're going to have to suffer through these games along with me, by reading my...


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