Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hexen II (PC)

hexen 2 title screen logohexen 2 title screen logo
Developer:Raven|Release Date:1997|Systems:Windows, Mac

This week on Super Adventures I've finally gotten around to replaying some of Hexen's slightly more three dimensional successor, Hexen II! It's been ages since I've played this one so I should be coming into it reasonably clueless. Plus it's a Hexen game so I likely didn't get anywhere in it the first time around anyway.

Hexen II is the last of the 'Serpent Riders' trilogy, following on from Heretic and Hexen, so there's apparently a story here to resolve and this game finishes it off. But just to make things confusing, Heretic actually branches off to another sequel, Heretic II, which tells the tale of the original game's protagonist returning home and fighting a plague. Plus there's the expansion packs like Deathkings of the Dark Citadel and Portal of Praevus which slot in somewhere.

But this is definitely absolutely the final Hexen... until Raven Software gets bored of making multiplayer modes for Call of Duty games and decides it's time for Hex3n: Beyond Heretic II.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Spanky's Quest (SNES)

Developer:Natsume|Release Date:1991|Systems:SNES

This week on Super Adventures I'm playing a video game, on the Super Nintendo! Seriously, that's a SNES title screen you're looking at there. You're also looking at the word 'ASS' written across the hero's face in a Nintendo game.

The game's English title is Spanky's Quest, and that's terrible, but in Japan it's called Hansei Zaru: JirĊ-kun no Daibouken, which apparently means something like 'Reflection Monkey: Adventures of Jiro-kun'. Which is awesome. It also means I've inadvertently put another game with 'adventures' in the title on my site. Alas.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Divine Divinity (PC)

Divine Divinity main menu screenDivine Divinity main menu screen
Developer:Larian|Release Date:2002|Systems:Windows

This week on Super Adventures I've decided to look at another RPG, even though they take forever to play and write up. Because I am an idiot.

First though I have to talk about the name, because the title of Divine Divinity is famous for its redundancy. But is it a contender for the worst RPG title ever? It doesn't have 'chronicles', 'origins', 'prophecy', 'legacy', 'book' or 'Eragon' in there, so I'm thinking... no. It's distinctive and memorable so it gets the job done, even if it is dumb. The game was originally going to be called Divinity: The Sword of Lies, but their publisher was apparently fond of alliteration after doing well with Sudden Strike and I guess Divinity: Deceitful Dagger didn't do it for them.

Riftrunner on the other hand would've been a terrible title for a sequel in my opinion, and Larian were wise to eventually change it to Beyond Divinity. Now they just need to change it so that the damn game works on my PC so I can play that too.

Speaking of the developers making things that work, I'm liking this theme music: Divine Divinity theme (YouTube link). It's more melancholy than your typical heroic RPG music, with harpsichord in place of chanting Vikings.

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