Thursday, 14 April 2011

Top Gear (SNES)

The first game in a three part Top Gear SNES special. Three retro racing games in a row.

Awesome, I love that TV show. Shame this isn't related at all.

I can't select to play as Jeremy Clarkson, but I can choose my car. I'm going to go with the fastest one. Because it's the fastest one.

I'm called Radical by the way, that's why it says 'Radical Car Type' up there. I couldn't fit 'Radical Air' into the name box.

Damn, they're really packing the cars in on this track. Couldn't we have just had ten or something? It's not a very big track. I'm just going to end up bumping into them all race.

And lose. Damn!

The music in this game seems out of place somehow. Like it escaped from a C64 game.

Top Gear - Track 1 Music (youtube link)

Yeah, the driver likes to chat. He shouts 'LET'S GO!' whenever you use a nitro too.

The music on this second track sounds a bit like a song from Lotus Turbo Challenge, which is a step in the right direction in my opinion.

It's funny how I never really notice that second screen while playing. I guess years of split screen gaming have conditioned me to ignore it. Then again I'm too focused on the road to even glance at my own map right now.

Okay, this doesn't just sound like Lotus music, this IS Lotus music, what the hell? It's doesn't quite sound exactly the same, but it's definitely the same tune.

Top Gear - Track 2 Music (youtube link)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - Track 4 (youtube link)

And this level has the TITLE MUSIC from Lotus on it. Ah whatever, it's a cool song.

Top Gear - Track 3 music (youtube link)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Theme (youtube link)

The game is much easier when you get out in front. Unlike those other racing games where was I crashing into walls on every second turn, here the challenge comes from trying to slip through the wall of cars. Once you're in front it's smooth sailing, at least on these early levels.

Couldn't they have delayed the race until after the road works were done?

I love how fast this game can get. It's pretty old school even for SNES, no Mario Kart mode 7 or 3D here, but I like it.

Oh crap you have FUEL in this? I hate that. I'm going to sit here refuelling until the blue car leaves to make sure I don't race off without enough in the tank to finish the race.

And that's a win, have a free password! One country down, seven left to go.

The game is by the same developers as the Lotus series, and it really shows. It almost feels like a sequel or a remake, and it definitely sounds like one on a couple of the tracks. But anyway, next Top Gear game.

Part 2: Top Gear 2
Part 3: Top Gear 3000

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  1. Probably because they're by the same people.


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