Saturday, 2 April 2011

Radical Rex (SNES)

Dinosaurs really were 'in' in the 90s weren't they?

Suddenly, a wizard appears and makes all the dinosaurs angry. Rex was asleep so he doesn't get angry. And... go!

So far it seems alright. You collect fire pickups to refill your fire breath, and skateboards to catch radical air.

I'm reasonably sure I'm going to come out of this better than the other guy does.

This level has lots of half pipes to get around quickly. If I fall off the skateboard and lose it I can still jump up the slow way though, using springs and platforms.

Enemies are annoying in this. Like Quackshot you don't really kill them with your attack, just stun them for a couple of moments.

The skateboard is the best way to get around if you can hang on to it, but the skateboard paths never seem to last that long.

Yeah, I'm not going to win this battle without taking damage.

Oh no, I fell into the instakill lava and have been instantly killed!

Only have... a little health... left... gotta... keep... firing....

And we're out of level one! Finally.

Hey it's giving me a lift, what a nice bird.

Yeah I'm getting really bored with this game. It's just not very interesting.

Next game.

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  1. I believe there is kick button. After you have roasted most common enemies, you can kick them to make them "Poof!". Also hold directional up and press kick makes you do roar that damaging and clearing away enemies all over screen


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