Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Jurassic Park (Master System)

Adventures in Jurassic Park, part 5.

It doesn't look that bad for a Master System game.

At least these guys bothered adding an intro to their version.

Jurassic Park (Game Gear)
Here's the Game Gear version to compare. I've zoomed in a bit, but the art does match pretty much exactly. At least for this screen.

This looks nice in game, the helicopter flies towards the island and turns.

... there are new casualties every day? So this is set after the first movie then?

The computer looking after the dinosaurs started malfunctioning that is, not the dinosaurs. They're rampaging across the island just fine.

That damn T-Rex is always breaking out.

They've called in a specialist to come in and single-handedly drag all the dinosaurs to their paddocks...


Wait, what?

Cool, there's a level select in this one. I'll start at the bottom of the island.

It's a shooter! I control the crosshair, and shoot the dinosaurs as they jump onto my jeep. As far as I can tell, Dr Grant is both driving the jeep and aiming the machine gun at the same time. Anyone seeing the movie for the first time after playing this is going to be so disappointed.

Boss fight, already. It's not so difficult to keep the crosshair on the dinosaur's head, but the car keeps hitting bumps and jumping around, which throws the aim off.

It doesn't have a head, but it's still running. These dinosaurs are resilient. Fortunately I can outrun it now. Wait, wasn't I supposed to be returning the dinosaurs to their pens? Whatever, I'll just keep shooting them.

We're going to the action stage? You mean that WASN'T the action stage? That was all just a warm up for the real action?

Oh, it's just a pretty basic platformer level. I've got a sonic gun to shoot dinosaurs and... sometimes I see one and shoot it.

Awesome, we're going inside. Maybe it'll get more interesting in there.

Now I'm in a maze of floors and boxes, with the occasional dinosaur to shoot.

Lifts, and streams of lethal steam! Yay.

Well I don't mean to imply it's EASY. I just found getting my ass kicked slowly to be pretty boring.

I tried another level and lost the driving sequence. Apparently it's just a bonus stage to grab more max hit points, because I was able to continue onto the platformer level just with less health. Then I had to make a series of perfect jumps across a collapsing bridge over a pit of lava. I gave up when I got to the bit where the lava started rushing up between the gaps.

I wonder how the Game Gear compares in the action stages.

Jurassic Park (Game Gear)
Pretty much identical again, except... where's Alan Grant? Who's this person? Well whoever they are they weren't tough enough either, I got crushed by a falling Brachiosaurus head.

Next game.

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  1. you may not have liked this game, but I do
    is one of the best Master System games in my opinion :D


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