Thursday, 21 April 2011

Super Valis IV (SNES)

Valis again! I would have thought they'd have a better logo by now, but hey I can't talk.

Well that ain't fair. A red moon rises and the forces of evil we spent all that time killing all just come right back again.

Is that guy on the right standing behind the tiger, or does he actually have a tiger for legs?

Apparently he's going to destroy the dream world first, then move onto destroying everything else. Wow, Gallagher's a dick.

Hey it's Ice Cream Girl, and she's a goddess now! That should make the game a bit easier... wait, she's giving the sword away to someone else?

Wow, we're playing as a red haired woman in this one. I'm not sure what the cryptic power ups are for but I'm pretty sure skulls with tentacles coming out are something we should be killing.

It's hard to tell, but it seems like she jumps a bit better than Ice Cream Girl. Or further at least. It's still not enough for me to get up onto these platforms that have been taunting me all level. I still haven't figured out those cryptic icons, but I'm getting a nice collection of them now.

Taste Valis blade, flying bug fiend! Like in the last few games it seems that I've started out without the ability to shoot stuff from my blade, so I've got to jump around to get close enough to cut these things.

I'm fighting Death as the first boss? That's not a good sign. Still, it looks like he only starts off with half a health bar so I think I can take him.

Okay he totally kicked my ass. But I learned some stuff! You have to press up on the d-pad plus attack to shoot energy bolts from the sword (yeah, I started with the ability and didn't know), and I can use those cryptic icons to change the type of attack. Also, that boss health bar is still at the bottom of the screen... it's been there all along. And it's filling up every second I'm on this level.

I guess I should stop playing around shooting lasers from my sword and go fight the guy then, quick.

Yeah bitch, I fire spectral wolves from my sword now, how do you like how that shit works?

He didn't like it.

Ah, she's called Lena. It just occured to me she's not dressed like a school girl for once. Lena apparently takes her job more seriously than Yuko did.

Wow, they're really turning up the Castlevania to 11 on this level. Slashing candles does nothing in this though sadly.

Amazingly, these loose looking bricks don't fall when you walk across them. Which is nice, because I didn't feel like jumping all the way back up here again, with that boss gauge filling up every second. I've already fallen down enough trying to jump difficult gaps. It's not that Lena controls badly, some of these gaps need to you jump at the very end of the platform or you won't make it.

I found an armour upgrade! Which for some reason makes her wear less. The poor woman must be freezing. It seems like you have to choose between exploring the levels for power ups and armour, or racing to the boss so he has less health.

Hey it's the guy from the intro! And he's got a nearly full health bar! And I have next to no health!

Damn, I lost? I am shocked.

There's no way I'm playing through that entire level again. Next game.


  1. How do you save after your done playing or during a level

    1. It's been a couple of years since I played it, but I get the feeling this was one of those games you have to finish in a single sitting. Unless you're emulating it somehow.

  2. Hrm, what's the Ice Cream Girl doing these days...
    *Bing, because I'm too cool for Google*
    ...oh damn.

    1. Yep, Yuko Asou is one of the few video game characters to end up becoming a porn star after their platformer career failed. From CD-Rom based console game pioneer to tentacle sex, it's so tragic.


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