Thursday, 28 April 2011

Jurassic Park (Sega Mega CD)

Adventures in Jurassic Park, part 7.

That's pretty understated compared to the other games. They didn't even add the red lines to the centre of the letters. The music's pretty bad though, it's a shame none of these games have used any of the John Williams movie soundtrack.

I was expecting some kind of video intro, but instead I get red text on a black screen. I'll spare you the screenshot.
You are heading to Jurassic Park
Your mission...
Find the eggs of seven species of dinosaurs.
Work fast.
You only have 12 hours.
Fantastic, I'm looking for dinosaur eggs again. And why the time limit, what happens in 12 hours?

Then I hear the sounds of a helicopter crashing. 
You survived the crash.
But your life is still in danger!
Huh, what was the point of wrecking my helicopter? I was coming here anyway, and I've got the same job to do. This doesn't change anything. It's a senseless waste of a perfectly good helicopter.

Wow, I survived that? It looks pretty trashed. And very dithered. This seems to be a first person point and click adventure. I can scroll the view around 360 degrees and interact with stuff on screen with the cursor. The only way to tell if I can interact with something seems to be by scanning the crosshair across the screen and seeing if it changes.

It's probably not a good idea to be waiting around next to a burning helicopter, never mind poking around in it, so I decide to move on.

Hey, what a convenient sign! The cursor changes into an arrow when I point at the cave, so I head inside.


I love the faces on those dinosaurs, they seem so happy. Hey, my cursor changed to a magnifying glass over the sign.


I found another sign though, and it brought up a little info page about the dinosaur.

And a video of a guy talking about them! Wait, these guys are called Compys in this? But these are different creatures to the Compsognathus seen in The Lost World right? Dinosaurs are confusing. Why am I standing at a sign watching this video anyway, this is a race against time!

Super-fast video transition!

Hey, I've found the big gate, and it's already open! I was worried I might have to solve a puzzle, or collect dinosaur eggs again, or... oh wait, yeah, I AM supposed to be collecting dinosaur eggs. Again.

I finally reach the visitors centre, but it's abandoned. The dinosaur skeletons are there, but no 'When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth' banner. I can't figure out if it's meant to be set before or after the movie.

Hey, I found some pliers in this rough looking toolbox. I'm sure no one will mind me borrowing these.

I wonder what's upstairs. It's cool to be able to explore a place from the actual movie.

Oh, I think this door might be locked. But I can't be sure, because I can't even select the door handle. Come on, even raptors could figure out how to open this door.

I go and check the other doors. With a slow video transition each time.

Last door, still won't budge. I guess I wasted my time because it doesn't look like there's anything else up here. So I'll go video transition back down I guess. One door at a time.


I find a crate, but no amount of clicking with pliers gets it open. I'm sick of this visitors centre, 30 virtual minutes wasted and all I have is some pliers to show for it.


I decide to head to the right side of the gate this time, and I finally find some eggs! They're being guarded by dinosaurs though, so I scare them off by pushing a log over. EGG GET.

I may have spent most of the game wandering around lost so far, but it's nice just to wander in this. It's like a walk in the woods. Except with dinosaurs trying to kill you.

I wonder what that blue thing is. Oh hey, there's some more eggs, swiped!

Oh crap she doesn't seem happy that I stole her kids, RETREAT!

I got away but I don't have much health left. I wedge the loose log in with a rock I picked up somewhere along the way, and carry on across the river.

Is it just me, or does that look like a green tail sticking out of the bushes there?

Damn dinosaurs. It's a shame though, this game makes me think that a 3d game where you can explore Jurassic Park would be cool. Just not as a point and click adventure with health and a time limit.

Next game.

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