Monday, 25 April 2011

Jurassic Park (NES)

Adventures in Jurassic Park special!

I knew there were a few different Jurassic Park games released to tie in with the 1993 movie, but I could never remember which was which. I was sure at least one had a first person view shooting bit, one let you play as a dinosaur, and I'm pretty sure one had Dr Alan Grant (renowned palaeontologist) in a bulletproof vest shooting mercenaries with a machine gun. But now I'm curious which is which, and how many of these damn games are there anyway?

So for the next week or so, it's ALL Jurassic Park games from me. Sorry.

I'm going to be seeing a lot of that logo.

Uh, sup?

Eww, she's got the menu in his mouth and it's... dripping. I like the music, it doesn't sound anything like the movies but it's catchy.

Okay, I've got to find and rescue Tim from a stampede of Triceratops. But first I need to get this door open. Fortunately it seems Alan Grant remembered to bring his rocket launcher.

The in-game music is as catchy as the menu music so far, but it totally doesn't fit the Jurassic Park style.

Oh crap, I can't shoot while I'm standing on stairs! And I can't walk down there or the compy will bite me. I can shoot when I'm on the roof, but the bullets just fly over her head. And now I've just wasted a ton of ammo! Screw it, I'll just run through them.

Damn, the door is blocked. I tried to get in through that grate in the roof and got electrocuted! I thought the power to the electric fences was meant to be off, dammit!

Wait, I've heard this tune before. This is from Comic Bakery!

Link to Comic Bakery music on Youtube
Link to Jurassic Park Level 1 music on YouTube

The other door was blocked and I can't walk past this level boundary. I guess I'm supposed to be doing something else here. These enemies keep respawning, so I guess I'll just try to avoid them from now on to save ammo.

Excellent, a motion sensor!

Cool, I'm logging onto the mainframe, which should mean access to the door controls.

Son of a bitch!

I keep seeing these eggs around, but collecting them doesn't seem to get me anything. Collecting mystery boxes does do something, but I've no idea what.

Okay, I've decided that my mission is to collect all the eggs, just because it gives me something to do and I'm out of other ideas. Tim's getting stampeded right now, and needs my help dammit!

Oh, I guess I could have just checked the help file on the motion sensor computer. Duh.

Okay, I got the eggs, got the keycard, time to find that locked door again.

I got inside and collected a mystery box. The prize was death.

Oh damn, there are eggs in here too? I'm getting bad feeling about this.

Yep, this computer isn't the right one either. I've got to collect all the eggs in here to get the key to open up the second building and open the gate from the computer in there.

Oh come on! The second building has eggs to collect too? Plus I've got to somehow get this dinosaur off my tail so I can turn and shoot her. I haven't got the health to lose fighting her from up close, and that mystery box took my last spare life.

YES! I did it! I got the gate open. Hold on Timmy, I'm comin'!

They were sitting there waiting for me to log off the whole time so they could pounce. Son of a bitch.


I've got to do everything again from the start?

Yeah, sorry mate but there's no way I'm going to do all that again, next game!

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  1. You should see the other levels in this game. There are six levels in all and each one seems to be harder than the last one (or I'm not playing well enough to get through them as easily). Still, this is an exciting game and there are plenty of challenges that await.

  2. i've played this cart so much in my childhood that it passed away by overheating... >.<


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