Friday, 15 April 2011

Top Gear 3000 (SNES)

The last game in my SNES Top Gear trilogy. There are other Top Gear games for other systems but I didn't play them.

That title screen looks like a bit of a step backwards from the second game. Also this might have the worst music of all of them.

Uh... it's only the year 3000. Is this implying that the last game was supposed to be one of the greatest racing events in the galaxy?

Whoa, we're going to planet Misk? I wonder what kind of crazy scenery that place will have. I just hope it's not purple.

Is it following the TV rule for alien landscapes then? All planets look like Canada.

This just feels like the last two games really, except flatter. And I'm not just talking about the cars.

These coloured floor panels recharge or repair your vehicle F-Zero style, which I guess means no more pit stops.

Also, no more talking that I noticed. This driver seems to keep his mouth shut. I almost miss his little speech bubbles now.

A victory skid for Radical Air, who can finally fit his whole name in. I guess the future isn't all bad.

And then we fly off in our starship to find another alien planet. Possibly one that looks like Australia.

Oh damn! This looks a little more alien. Not that I prefer this bleak alien landscape, but if you're going to fly off into space for a racing tournament you might as well go somewhere that doesn't look the planet you live on.

I started getting sleepy, hypnotised by the movement of the lines on the road, and before I knew it I hit a wall.

I'm not saying the game is boring, but I don't think it's quite as good as the other two. Plus I don't think I like the look of that car at all.

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