Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Paper Mario (N64) - Guest Post

Ocean returns again with another guest post:

Ocean here, with a new playthrough! This one is for the Paper Mario RPG for the N64. I've been meaning to play it, so here it is!

Junk mail is here! Sometimes they give me some coupons for pizza hut so I can get a discount on that stuffed crust pizza.

Oh it's from the Princess! Yeah I guess this is usually how it all starts, then she'll need rescuing 10 minutes later.

These birdthings are the best. They don't even have to say anything interesting, just the fact that they're there make me smile.

Relax... yes...

Say Princess, you don't have a fear of heights do you? Must be just me.

Took him long enough. I think I'll just stomp on him.

Here's how the battle system works: You have HP, FP (Flower power) which is pooled for all characters of which you will have one other with you usually. Then you can jump, use your hammer, some items, or a special skill. Some enemies can't be jumped on, some enemies are out of hammer reach. The numbers in this game are very low, so in the beginning you're doing 1 damage while the enemies do the same to you.

This would be nice to have. I'd use it to order a few pizzas.

It wouldn't be much of a game if I just won there. So I got kicked out of the castle and am seeing stars.

I dunno if it serves a purpose at all, but I like spinning around! You can do stuff like jumping on boxes, jumping on enemies to get a first attack, smashing them, checking bushes for items as well. It has some platformer elements but it's still mostly an RPG.

Mario will forever have a fear of falling after this game.

This goomba family has been friendly with me. With all this goomba stomping I do, I have to wonder why.

Yes, that's why you'll be replaced as soon as I find a new partner.

Go cry to mama!

This is a silly game!

This is a very silly game!

Take off your robe just so I can confirm that fact.

Re-reading that, I totally meant hood. Oh well!

Anyway, it's a nice and simple RPG and I'm liking some of the battle ideas so far. I have not played any Mario RPGs past this other than Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga so I can't say how far they've taken it. They've reused some ideas like badges and all for M&L: Superstar saga but I like the interesting ideas they come up with! I think I'll go try some of the other ones as well!


  1. Hurray it's up! I've been meaning to play this game so this blog gave me a good excuse to try it!

  2. This game looks so beautiful, simple but exciting!
    I loved playing Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (Snes).....


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