Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jurassic Park II: The Chaos Continues (SNES)

Adventures in Jurassic Park, part 10.

Man, it's lucky that they decided to call the second Jurassic Park movie 'The Lost World' instead of 'Jurassic Park 2' or else this could have gotten confusing.

Whoa, this has an intro! Man, it is really hard to think of a company name more evil sounding than 'Biosyn'. Hmm, Nukebaby Industries, Puppykick... fuck, these just sound lovable.

Whoa, it's got voices too.

Biosyn sends in some goons to seize the island, and provide me some cannon fodder to shoot.

Weren't they dressed in blue a second ago?

Hey, I get a choice of six levels at the start. That beats Rampage Edition's three. I think I'll start with Raptor Attack and play through in order.

Whoa, this music is cool, very atmosopheric and dramatic. Also, Alan Grant's not wearing his hat!

Also, there's a two player co-op mode. But that's not much good to me at the moment so I'll restart in one player mode.

Almost immediately, I run into Raptors. And they keep diving at me. Unfortunately I'm not supposed to kill them. That 100 count at the top is the amount of dinosaurs than can die before I lose the game.

I could shoot them with darts or my infinite taser, but it seems less trouble to just jump over them.

When I reach the end of a section, there's a gap in the bushes to move to a different area. Fortunately it seems like there's no dead ends at this point.

It seems like the fences are on, and touching that loose wire on the left causes me damage. It doesn't seem to have any effect on dinosaurs though, which seems like a bit of a design flaw to me really.

Awesome, I've bounced my way up to the next area.

It's always nice to be able to shoot on ladders. This is a brown raptor, so it takes twice the amount of hits to kill as the green ones. Annoyingly it means I can't kill it with one charged taser shot like I can everything else.

Damn dilophosauruses, making me dodge their spit. I hate dodging spit.

Okay, this is getting stupid now. How am I supposed to fight off three of them?

Wait, 'BIO HAZARD'? I really hope that's just referring to the dinosaurs. I kind of wish I'd read the briefing now, so I knew what I was doing here.

Son of a BITCH! I was so close.

What, that's it? No lives, no continues, just game over? Oh, I'm back to the level select screen.

I wonder what my mission was on that level anyway. 'Raptors are attacking your headquarters [...] gassing them is the only realistic solution'. Oh good, that means I could have just killed any of those raptors all along with no consequences.

Whatever, I wonder what level 2's like.

Agh, fucking raptors! Onto level 3.

Hey, this is different! Goons go down much easier than dinosaurs. They don't jump at me in packs and try to rip my throat out for one thing.

Hmm, I think I should probably move.

Oh great, now they've got rocket launchers.

I'm not doing as badly against humans, but they eventually wear me down and kill me. But it's cool, I've got three more levels to check out.

AGH, FUCKING RAPTORS! Okay, level 5 then.

Why are we in a volcano now? And what the hell kind of dinosaur is that?

Oh come on, I totally made that jump! Fine, I've still go one more level left.

Excellent, we're fighting goons again! You know, this really reminds me of the Savanna level from Rampage Edition. Except far less annoying.

Hmm, I'm starting to think these enemies might respawn infinitely. I'll stand here shooting them for five more minutes, and if they're still coming then I'll start heading forward again.

Oh, we're doing landmines now? Well that's just awesome.

I really want to like this game. It looks great, it sounds awesome, the animation is great. But it's not making it easy for me. In fact, nothing about this game is easy. It doesn't have lives, it doesn't have checkpoints... even Rampage Edition had checkpoints!

Somehow though, I DO want to keep playing it. Kind of. And by my rules that means it earns one of these:
But only barely.

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  1. I like this game myself, but damn is it hard. The music is probably my favourite thing about it. I actually have the theme from the Blockade level on my Mp3 player. Good review. You were willing to try out all of the stages, which is a lot more than most people XD

    1. Yeah, I gotta admit I still listen to some of the music too. Especially the Raptor Attack track.

    2. I just came across your blog trying to find info on the old Jurassic Park games. This game is SO underrated. I wish you stuck to it, there's a really sick T-Rex car chase part of the T-Rex level that's available from the start.

    3. My site's about showing what games are like without spoiling the whole thing, so I deliberately try not to stick with them any longer than I need to. I'd rather play 6 versions of a game for an hour each than play one version for 6 hours. Plus when I drone on too long people get bored and start skipping past screenshots to check the mini-review at the end. But I hope you found the info you were looking for at least.

  2. the game's atmosphere sometimes reminds me Alien films


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