Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Speed Racer (SNES)

Looks reasonably professional. Who knows, it might even be a racing game.

Leaping into action.

It might look bad in a screenshot, but believe me it looks worse in motion. My car looks pretty well pixelled though I've got to admit.

Okay, that wasn't the accelerator. Give me a second I'll figure this out.

Yes, I'm moving! This game...is not the worst racing game I've played on the SNES. (That would probably be Road Riot 4WD) It's definitely in the bottom five, but I'm allowed to steer it myself, the graphics aren't entirely brown, I'm not crashing into every wall. It's actually slightly playable.

Also, look, I can see some of the track curving back around on the right!

How are there barrels in the middle of the track anyway? This is a proper race, there's a pit stop and everything, so how does nobody care that there are barrels in the middle of the track? There's going to be an accident sooner or later, and someone is going to get sued for this.

Oh damn, I went into the pit lane by accident. Now this guy is sliding up to my car and there's nothing I can do about it. This is based on an anime series right? For all I know he's coming over to plant a bomb.

Look at that guy, he's clearly up to something. There's no way I'm driving around in this car now, it's going to be a death trap on wheels. Well I was getting sick of the game anyway, it's terrible.

Next game.

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