Sunday, 10 April 2011

Space Ace (SNES)

I'm not going to make it past the first screen am I?

Hmm, this isn't really animated, it just pans across. I'd imagine that's just because full animated scenes like in the Amiga version are too big to fit on a SNES cartridge.

It seems that they've made it into more of a third person action game. I have to walk around here and dodge...

Wow, what just happened? That tiny pixelly animation is showing me being hit by a laser so I guess I just need to get out of the way.

Okay, you know what's really difficult? Dodging out of the way of a laser beam. It's like dodging out of the way of a bullet, except you have to do it at the speed of light. And every time I die it's back to the start.

Of course the trick is to look at where he's going to shoot, and just move out of the way before he fires. But he's on a hover thing and I'm only on foot. Plus I haven't got much space to manoeuvre here.


Oh I get it now! He follows the same routine each time you respawn. This isn't a reflexes test, this is a memory test. All I have to do is learn the pattern through trial and error and memorise it.

I have a really terrible memory.


Okay he appears down there now, so if I stay up here...

Son of a bitch! I wasn't even THAT close to the edge. Was I?


YES! I did it, I got past that blue bastard. Now I just need to evade this robot and... uh, where do I go? This is a dead end!


Okay, I did all that crap with the blue guy (again) and I figured out I have a jump button. I can't jump over lasers, but I CAN jump over these gaps. Hopefully there'll be something on the other side for me to land on when the screen scrolls over.

Yes, I did it! I made every jump.

WHAT!? Check the screenshot ref, I clearly made that jump. Okay I'm through with this, this game is bullshit.

Next game.

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