Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Warpath: Jurassic Park (PSX)

Adventures in Jurassic Park, part 15.

Damn, fifteen games so far? I had no idea there were so many of these things. I'm going to have to bring this to an end or else Jurassic Park week might end up lasting another month.

That is a weird order to put the menu items in. I guess I'll go check out the museum first.

Uh, maybe not the museum then. Okay I'll check out 'arcade'.

I really hope Alan Grant is hidden as a selectable character underneath one of those question marks. In the absence of the world's most dangerous palaeontologist, I'll go with the next best thing.

You call that thing a dinosaur? It looks more like a modded rhinoceros with painted horns.

Uh, is her neck supposed to be able to bend backwards like that? Oh damn I just noticed where the horn is! That's going to leave a scar.

Actually it looks like the attacks are leaving visible damage on the characters. Hey, who let that idiot onto the arena?

Hey you! Yeah, you! Can you get out of the damn way so I can see myself getting my ass kicked? Thanks mate.

The humans are tasty snacks for the dinosaurs to eat to restore some health, but it seems rare to get close to one without using l1 and l2 to sidestep around the arena, so I'm going to ignore them.

Okay, new strategy. The raptor wasn't up to the task, so I'm bringing out the big gun now. Though for some reason the t-rex barely seems bigger than the raptor was.

Ow! Crap, okay it seems that the t-rex isn't going to get me past this guy either. Instead of thinking bigger, I need to think smarter.

Ankylosaurus. Full body armour, covered in spikes, and has a mace for a tail. So badass that the styracosaurus chickened out and sent a raptor to fight in it's place.

I don't remember many other fighting games having camera angle shifts like this.

Hey, this is the mainland, we must be in San Diego right now! It's nice to be off those islands for a little while at least. I was getting a little sick of rainforest.

The dinosaurs actually do have special moves like in any other fighting game, but I haven't got a clue what any of them are. I seem to be doing all right without them though.

Finally we get to see the missing scene that explains the plot hole in the 'Lost World' movie.

All the people on the ship were eaten by the t-rex, and an an ankylosaurus that had secretly hitched a ride...

...and then the ankylosaurus beat the crap out of the t-rex in two consecutive rounds and threw her back into the hold, closing the door behind her. Mystery solved!

Now back to Isla Sorna for a moody showdown at the Site B labs.

Hey, now we're at the main gates at Isla Nublar. These dinosaurs get around.

Also, they're really good at jumping.

Oh crap it's the styracosaurus again. Well I'm going to get my ass handed to me.

How are these things jumping so high? How can that thing even jump at all, it's pretty much a rhino. Does it have booster rockets hidden in its feet or something? Is that what the smoke is about? A cyborg dinosaur... that would explain why it has been consistently kicking my ass.

Until now I mean. VICTORY!

FINAL BATTLE. Hey I'm in the Visitors Center, fighting a 'carchar', whatever that is. I don't know what the prize is for winning this tournament, but the runner up prize should definitely be getting to be the skeleton in the middle of the main hall.

Anky looks so happy to be kicking this guy's ass. My button hammering technique claims another victim.

And then that's it, it's all over. The credits roll and I get a new menu option allowing to pick what level I want to fight on. But I don't want to fight anymore. Next game!

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