Sunday, 15 May 2011

Toys (SNES)

This is going to be one of the bad ones isn't it?

Quite absurd!

I am not a fan of this writing, it's not very readable.

Hey look, an antagonist I presume! With his own personal army of track driven tin-plated technological terrors.

This is where the game takes place? I haven't even started playing yet and I already want to run out of there screaming.

Ah, at last the protagonist. It's Robin Williams with a peanut gun shaped like an elephant.

Crap I'm being swarmed by bombs. I try to shoot them, but they're small and hard to hit. Especially while I'm running around trying to avoid being blown up.

Now the jeeps are joining in, and these things seem immune to peanuts.

I need a way out of this room, one of these buttons has to bring up a map or something.

Wow, that's not really helpful.

And Robin dies, disappearing into a hole in the ground. When these tanks appeared to join the bombs and jeeps it was all over for me.

And now I never have to play it again. Next game.

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