Thursday, 5 May 2011

Time Slip (SNES)

Not a great logo, but it gets the point across. We're playing as an action hero, who jumps through time and kills things. Probably.

Earth date 2129, planet Tiamat is fucked. A rift in space/time is growing near their planet, and will soon wipe out their entire civilization. They have one hope for survival, to conquer their nearest neighbour: Earth. The trouble is that Earth is full of soldier types armed with future guns, so the Tiamatians decide to conquer them in the distant past.

Earth learns of this plan, and puts together a crack team of soldiers go back through time to save the day, but a Tiamatian attack kills them all. All but one...

That name is awesome. I wonder if it's just a pointless reference, or if this guy eventually gets trapped in the past and becomes a king.

Anyway, Doc Gilgamesh jumps into the time machine and vanishes.

And then he finds himself in a forest level in medieval times, being attacked by humans with ancient weaponry. Weren't we supposed to be fighting aliens? At this rate we'll be wiping out more of humanity than the aliens do.

The game is a platformer run and gun, and it seems best just to keep firing constantly to keep back the tide of infinite enemies flowing at you.

A weird alien device next to a row of diamonds... say, you don't suppose this could be a trap?

Oh it just turned out to be a boss fight against this nicely designed walker. He's not a pushover, but he ain't going to hit me much while facing in the wrong direction.

Different stage, still shooting.

Haha, you can't hit me mate, I've got a multicoloured triangle shield! And also lots of special attacks, a BZ, two BBs, two GAs... no idea what they do.

Oh crap, don't do that! That's not fair! Well actually these boss fights are actually pretty reasonable so far, they don't even need a ridiculous amounts of hits to kill.

Please don't shoot me, please don't shoot me...

Those boxes on the right can be destroyed to reveal power ups, but I'm not planning to stick around in range of those guns to see what's in them.

A cannon? Now you're just taking the piss. There isn't even anyone around to fire or reload it.

No wait, THAT'S just taking the piss.

Wow, harsh. Though the Looney Tunes background does help to soften the blow.

Wow, I did terrible. Wait... I have an idea.

That TGS bar in the top left is like a timer, counting down how long you have left until history is wrecked and you lose a life.

Fortunately it lasts a good while before you lose, and you start off with nine lives, so I wonder... what happens if I start a new game, put something on the fire button and just leave it running?

Dr Torque, saviour of the universe is what happens. Well, hero of the high score table anyway.

Next game.

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