Tuesday, 10 May 2011

DarXide (32X)

Damn, those textured polygons look a bit ass don't they? Wait, textured polygons on the 32X?

I mean it's not that impressive, even for the time. The 3DO, PlayStation and Saturn were all out when this was released and PCs had Wing Commander 3. But it definitely surprised me, because there's no way the Mega Drive alone could do anything close to this.

That's my ship on screen at the moment, firing blindly off the top left side of the screen. I'm not sure about this aiming, wouldn't it have been smarter to keep the camera pointing where the guns are facing so I can see what I'm shooting at? Also a crosshair would be nice.

We're blowing up asteroids then it seems. They split up into smaller ones once you've hit them enough times, which takes about twice as long as you'd want it to, and then I guess I shoot the smaller ones too. This is proper 3d though, no Star Fox rail shooting here, I can fly wherever I want.

See, here I am somewhere entirely different. I think.

In addition to the asteroids, I've got these little fighters to blow up too, which is made difficult by the fact that they move.

Agh, he's in the middle of the damn screen. Why aren't these lasers hitting you?

COME ON YOU LITTLE FLYING SAUCER ASSHOLE, this isn't even funny anymore! You wait until I find the 'turn crosshair on' button, then I'll kick your ass.

Oh crap, he's brought his big brother and friends. Well at least they'll be a bigger target for me to hit.

Man that was rubbish.

Next game! Oh wow, 'DarXide'... it's probably supposed to be pronounced as 'Dark-side' isn't it? It took me way too long to get that. But yeah, next game.

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