Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cosmic Carnage (32X)


Another 32x fighting game. Unlike Brutal, this one has a proper character select screen thankfully.

The story so far: In deep space, a group of prisoners have broken free and taken over their intergalactic prison barge. Unfortunately they kind of wrecked it in the struggle, and now they need a new ship. So they ram a military cruiser and board it. This kind of wrecks the military cruiser too though and now there are 8 survivors and 1 escape pod left. They must fight to the death to determine who gets the escape pod before the life support fails and they all die. It's an uplifting feel-good type of story.

Four of the survivors are soldiers from the military vessel, and can equip different types of armour to give different attacks. The character sprites seem to be constructed from different sections and rigged like a puppet, so you can swap out arms, torso and legs separately.

I decided to go for speed, and chose to have minimal armour. Also my head is on fire.

Spinning pixelled kick! You know, this doesn't seem so bad after playing Brutal. I mean it's still pretty bad, but at least I feel like I have a chance of winning in this. Also I think the segmented character sprites have a weird charm to them. They're actually implemented pretty well.

Except when the game zooms in close to them. That background just look ass at any distance though.

Ugh, he punched my head off. Worse, he punched my PANTS off. That's just being immature.

Okay, I think I should have chosen to wear the bulky armour. Let's give this another try.

He broke my bulky armour! Son of a BITCH.

Dammit, he did it again. I'm not sure this stuff is even helping me to take less damage.
Punching my head off again, how dreadfully mundane. Is that the only way you know how to finish a fight? Okay fine, you win, take the escape pod! You'll probably only crash it into something, like you do with every other ship you hijack.

Enough of this crappy game, time to move on.

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