Monday, 30 May 2011

Spider-Man: The Animated Series (SNES)


Part one:
Out of all the SNES games I've been playing, that's possibly the best title screen I've seen yet. Spider-Man swings around in the background, then drops down, and climbs back up to pose for the camera.

Suddenly, a door begins to crack!

Then a cardboard cut out of some Spider-Man villains drops down over a city backdrop.

As the city begins to explode randomly and non destructively, Spider-Man races into action!

Uh, I mean chunky Spider-Man stomps into action!

Spider, KICK!

He seems slightly less athletic than usual somehow.

All that upper body mass means that Spidey packs a punch.

Oh wow, the defeated enemies stay on the ground after you've beaten them. That's unusual.

Ugh, it doesn't matter how much I jump, punch or kick at this vent it doesn't seem to want to budge. I guess it's just scenery. There MUST be another way around, think Spidey, THINK!

Wow, I'm surprised that web can even hold his weight. Well I've searched the ceiling and there's no gaps up here to go through. HEY, maybe I could use this web to pull off that vent cover!

What? You can run out of web in this game? Also, where's my dude gone. I'm sure I knocked someone out around here. Oh well, I should probably just be thankful they don't respawn.

Oh. I can walk up into the background and climb the stairs.

C'mon you little bastard, stop flying around and taste my Spider-boot.

AGGGHHH! You're trying my patience now you little flying freak.

YES! I finally got him!

And then he falls down on top of Spider-man and explodes, killing him.


Well that turned out to be a dead end. And now I am truly stuck. All I can do now is pose.

Oh. It turns out that you CAN kick the vent cover off, you just need to stand a little away from the wall for it to work I guess.

And now we may proceed.

It burns, it burns! This stuff quickly eats away at Spidey's life bar, but he doesn't want to jump out! Another life lost.

Yeah, I'm not sure Bunsen burners are going to be much of a threat to Spider-man. It's the ceiling mounted articulated laser cannons that I'm more concerned about.

Son of a BITCH! The ground just opened up into a bottomless pit of instant death!

Ugh, next game.

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