Friday, 3 June 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes (SNES)


Part five:
That's better. Those last couple of games didn't even have 'Spider-Man' on the title screen. Go!Spidey.

And that's just creepy.

Oh wow, look at how awesome Spidey looks. This game has some great pixel art.

Damn, shooting these flying bastards is a pain in the ass, and with that time limit probably counter productive.

I'm stubborn though, so I wasted all my time finishing him off.

I'm growing to hate these ledges above walls. I don't get why they're making it so difficult to just climb up onto the building I'm hanging off.

COME ON!!!! Just get up there you Spider-Bastard. I've got a strict time limit you know! I gotta say though, this is might be the best implementation of webswinging out of all these games. You just use the shoulder buttons to move left or right, simple.


And I'm up! I am past the first ledge of the game!

I guess we're going up then? Y'know, I'm going to miss being able to climb up walls after I'm finished with these games.

I'm at a boss fight and the clock's still ticking? That's just mean.

I'm pleased to announce that the first boss went down like a bitch. I feel like celebrating, have a password!

YES! Finally the recognition I deserve. I don't know what JJ's saying, but it's almost certainly congratulations for a job well done.

There's something surreal about seeing Spider-Man riding an escalator.

I wonder where this passage is going to take us. I hope it's somewhere awesome.

Sewers. Great.

Not just sewers, a sewer MAZE. I keep running into dead ends. This is going to take forever, and I only have 35 seconds to find my way to the end AND defeat the boss.

Son of a bitch. Another dead end.

Finally, I find the exit. With 7 seconds to spare for me to kill this boss.

He's just a scrawny scientist though. I'm a super strong super hero, I'm pretty sure I can take him.

I should have known that regular scientists don't hide in sewer mazes.

Wow, it turns out that the 7 second time limit wasn't an issue after wall.

I'm dead after 1 second.

Oh crap, I'm back at the top of the escalator again? This game is MEAN. It's a shame though, because it looks cool and plays pretty well.

And that concludes my SNES Spider-Man special, because I'm all out of games. I think the winner was probably Maximum Carnage, which was surprisingly entertaining despite the repetitive gameplay. Lethal Foes would have been a contender, but harsh time limits and sewer mazes are not two of my favourite things. Also harsh boss fights.

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