Sunday, 5 June 2011

Doraemon: Nobita no Dorabian Night (TurboGrafx-16)

Seems like we're going to be visiting ancient Persia. Wow, what is up with that guy's eyes?


He keeps pulling stuff out of a pouch and throwing it into that pile behind him. And then he looks confused and wanders off.

These idiots see the pile of stuff and decide to go jump into books. A different book each. What could possibly go wrong?

The cat comes back to find everyone trapped in the past. Or maybe just trapped in fiction.

Wherever they are, they're trapped and in terrible terrible danger.

The cat freaks out and decides to go rescue them.

Level one, dinosaurs. So, we're going to ancient Persia later then?

Come down here you flying bastards and burn in the brilliant radiance of my directed energy beams. Or not.

I like his weird little crawling animation.

He trips over rocks? I can see that getting annoying fast.

Finally I get to use my gun on something... oh crap, it just stuns them like in Quackshot and Radical Rex.

I suppose that makes sense actually. If you're going on a time travelling rescue mission, you don't really want to alter history any more than you have to. If I murder the wrong creature I could end up returning to a present day ruled by an evil fascist government, or one where it rains doughnuts.

This enemy is lame, he only takes me to the slope and then turns around again. I'm going to have to find better transportation.

Hey, I pulled up a radish and collected... something. What could it mean? Perhaps I'll never know.

This is a much better ride. I can control which way it goes and make it make a mighty roar.

Hey, I ducked into a cave and found... a photograph of a girl? Whatever it is, the cat is very happy about it.

I got a minigame out of it. I need to choose the right starting path to get the best reward. I have no idea which is the best reward though, so I'll just choose any.

That's right, piss off! Enemies flee from my creature's fearsome roar, while our feline hero covers his... wait, he's got no ears. Weird.

If we're just going to leave through another portal then what was the point in coming here? Does the cat not know where to look or something?

This level's slightly more challenging. A single mistake and I could fall into the water below.

Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap!

Huh, he's not dead. He hasn't even lost any health. He's just whining over nothing.

And he just climbs out.

And now he's swimming?

I am really getting tired of this game now to be honest. It's just not very interesting to me so far.

This level is full of water slides that I can't jump off.

And jumps I can't make.

I keep trying to run, stun the creature, jump while he's stunned, and grab the ledge. But he's just not making it.


Oh, I just drop down and take the middle path. Obviously.

I need to be careful of cunningly placed rocks though, like that one on the bottom right. If I walk anywhere near it, he'll trip and fling himself off the ledge. And then I have to jump all the way back up again.

Yawn, a giant dragon's trying to murder me in a dimension of red storm clouds.

Oh, what, something's actually happening now? I was sleepwalking through that last level.

He kicked my ass! Kicked it right back to the world map.

Well I could keep playing. But I don't want to.


  1. I've been playing this game this week, and you really ought to give this one another chance. In my opinion, the game doesn't get remotely difficult until the sixth or seventh level. You missed your weapon upgrade to an air cannon of some sort in either the first or second level. It can actually kill the enemies instead of just stunning them. Also, the dragon boss of the fourth level is actually very easy. My 6-year old son played this game for the first time tonight, and he beat the dragon on his first try.

    I believe that this game may be one of the earlier releases, but it actually has a lot of charm to it.

    Thanks for all of the reviews, and please do another TG-16/PC Engine or Turbo CD game review soon! ...maybe something fun and not to difficult like Bonk's Adventure or one of the Valis games.

    1. It's finally confirmed: 6 year olds are better at games than I am. You've obviously raised the kid right.

      I wish I could play a PC Engine game soon, or any game for that matter, but I'll be way too busy to do anything for the site for a while. I've got a few game posts in storage for just such an occasion, but nothing for the TurboGrafx I'm afraid.

  2. That's sad to hear about your being too busy for a while, I really enjoy reading your reviews. Anyway, I for sure know how real life can intrude. I hope that you can get done what you need to, so that you can get back to reviewing games!

  3. Cant believe it. Ive been searching for this game for over 10 years! I was like: google, tell me what was the name of that game where I played as a blue cat with icebeam in prehistoric era in 1990s. No clue he said. I tried again today and found one of this site pictures with that blue furry thing on it :)...thanks a lot for this review!

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  5. I'm surprised nobody here seems to know Doraemon. He was an extremely popular cartoon character in Japan, and he was reasonably known in Italy too.

    This game seems fun and wellmade, but reading your review I seem to understand it's actually too easy.... well, maybe it was aimed at little kids, can't fault that!


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