Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Warlock (SNES)

Another game based on a movie.

They've called the options 'preparations' just to confuse me.

It was a dark and stormy night. Blah blah stop the evil warlock blah blah whatever.

"If you're in so much of a hurry why don't you go save the damn world already?"

Okay okay, I'm on it!

Wow this is much sunnier than I was expecting. It seems I've got two weapons, an energy bolt and that floating ball that follows me around. I can send it off bouncing around the screen in different directions but it seems more trouble than it's worth so I'm sticking with the bolt.


I'm okay. A little surprised, but I'm okay. He blew up part of the walkway but I can jump the gap. Okay Warlock, I'm back on your trail! You ain't going to get the jump on me twice.

Crap, he got the jump on me again. He blew up the floor while I was walking on it, dropping me into the water. Unfortunately I apparently never learned to swim, so that's an instant kill. You don't start off with any lives, you have no credits, so this is game over.

You can pick up health potions and an extra life, but right now my inventory's sadly empty.

Okay, I started again, and I've gotten to level two. This is inside a library, populated by dudes that turn into evil zombies.

These enemies are a pain in the ass. I can't jump over them, they take several shots to kill, and you have to put them down twice for it to stick. So getting surrounded by them is a very bad thing.

Oh shit, the Warlock! This is sure to be an epic fight.

Or maybe not. Okay I scared him off, now I can collect the first of the six stones... a spinny purple torus!

Oh by the way I didn't lose my head, I'm just leaning back.

Through the portal, onto the next level. Am I even still on Earth here?

Agh, crap, this plant just grabbed me. Luckily there's a potion over there I can use to top up my health.

Weird bouncy pads let me do super jumps. Those icons on the top bar show my health (as a face with skin falling off as I'm hurt), and the other face is an extra life.

Damn spiders keep climbing out of the ground! I have a roll move to evade enemies, but keep accidentally using it when I just want to crouch and shoot. So I end up rolling into enemies all the time.
I'm a hair's breadth away from death here, and these damn things aren't helping. They keep coming out of the ceiling and shooting me with fire.

Yes! I've got the second stone! Now to find a way out of this damn maze.

And he never found his way out of that damn maze. Wow, is that Julian Sands?

Next game.

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  1. Hehe! Great article. Sorry you didnt make it out of the cave.
    It's a.Pretty decent Castlevania knockoff.
    I really enjoyed playing the game myself.
    It's technically a tie-in to the second Warlock movie which had some pretty good moments but was an AWFUL movie but it borrows elements from the first movie which was actually pretty good.


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