Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Adventures of Rad Gravity (NES)

Wow, he must have had cruel parents. Like Duke Nukem or Rick Dangerous, with a name like that he was doomed to the life of an action hero from birth.

At least he's got the chin for it. That's a good, strong space hero chin.

Apparently we're going down to the planet Cyberia to find more teleport locations. To continue our quest.

It's a platformer! It seems that Cyberia is full of cyberpunks that want to beat me up if I walk on their ledge. I don't really see the point in bothering them.

Okay, it appears I'm not going thies way. Not even my space knife can cut this impenetrable brick wall.

It turns out I can go inside through doors. This place is way bigger on the inside than the outside.

My space knife doesn't just cut people, it blows them to pieces! It didn't get me any score though.

It's okay, no one will miss the guy. There's still two of them left, limping around in sync.

Crap, I guess I need to be more careful. This guy's constantly spinning his nunchucks, and getting too close chips a chunk from my health bar.

Whoa, a black screen?

What happened? Did it crash? Was I killed? Is that a password? Is it alien text I can decode?

I'm going to go with 'password'. I've made my way back to the nunchuck guy though, and this time I've got a full bar of health, and I'm on to his tricks.

Space knifed.

Excellent, I've found a shower.
I mean a teleporter, not a shower. Obviously I knew it was a teleporter.

This actually works out better for me, because the entire point of the game seems to be to find teleporter locations and now I've got a next level to explore.

Oh damn, there's a gun up there. I need to backtrack now and take the top corridor to get it.

Damn, I grabbed the gun, but I wasn't fast enough to kill the robot. I guess I'll have to go and do that all again now.

Actually no, I kept the gun, and was able to teleport right back here again. Which is cool.

Damn, I took the wrong path again. Now I've got to backtrack to the very start of this stage and take the top path. On the plus side there'll be a health bar upgrade waiting for me when I get back here.

These damn robots keep climbing out of the walls to immediately replace the ones I kill.

I've got a surprise for this one though. That bullet I've circled was shot at me by the last robot I passed. I ducked at the last moment and now it's gonna blow up the robot in front of me. I could have just shot it with my gun, but that's just boring.

I'm getting the feeling this isn't just a visit to the mainframe room. It's going to go full Tron on me isn't it?

Welcome to the world inside the computer, where orange is black and black is orange. And electricity keeps moving up and down and getting in my way.

Damn, I can't believe I just managed to dodge both of them!

Oh bugger, computer viruses! And... evil microchips? Computer worlds never make any sense.

Okay that's just not fair. How am I supposed to dodge through these? They move way too fast.

Well I could teleport back down there, and try to make it through the impossible bouncing energy fields again. But I kinda don't want to.

Next game.

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