Sunday, 19 June 2011

T-Mek (32X)

That would be a cool title screen if it wasn't for the low colour depth. Seems like this could be a decent game.

Okay I need to give my guy a name. Hmmmmmmm, oh shit, I have a time limit? Uh... I'll call him... c'mon THINK OF SOMETHING! Uh, I went with 'Arms'. Like the guy from that other game I just played.

Now I get to pick a hovertank thing to drive in. I guess I should compare the stats, not that I'd have any clue what's best to go for. OH SHIT, this has a time limit too? Uh, I'll go with...

Damn too late! I have no idea what I'm in.

It seems like a cross between Battlezone and Quake III Arena, a first person tank shooter. I have to 'seek and destroy enemy meks for points'. So I point my crosshair at the enemies and press the button and they go boom.

Booom! Wow this is boring. Sometimes I fire off a homing missile I can steer in first person, but there's not usually much steering needed.

44 seconds left... I might not be able to keep my eyes open that long.


It's over? I wonder if I did well enough to qualify for the next level.

Oh great, I did.

Next game.

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