Friday, 24 June 2011

Resurrection: Rise 2 (MS-DOS)

Also known as Rise 2: Resurrection... or Rise of the Robots 2. This could be interesting.

Hey, I can choose my character! It's already a huge step up from the first game where I was stuck as Cyborg.

Instead of choosing from a few alternate colour schemes, you can cycle though any colour for the robot's paint job. Hmm, I'll go with Cyborg again for old time's sake.

It looks very similar to Rise of the Robots, though in this I didn't have to wait for infotext about the characters to get off screen before I could fight.

I managed to win the first round by constantly using flying kick, which isn't a good sign.

Why does this robot have teeth?

Flying kick wins the day yet again, though it was far from a flawless victory.

That's more like it! To be honest it took some actual fighting to get this result, I just ended with a flying kick. This doesn't seem like a great game, but it does feel better designed than the first one.

Hey, come on... that's my trick!

Quit hitting me, you big pink apebot.

Whoa, I pulled off a special move! I don't remember ever managing that in the first game. Why is this thing called 'Griller' though? Why would a you need a robot to grill things?

Oh, 'gorilla', I get it now.

Hahaha, is this guy seriously called Necroborg?

Wow, I guess so.

I steal an amazing last minute victory in the second round by shattering his robot kneecaps!

And then in round three he just... stands there. I've managed to get a hit on him already, so he can wait there forever for all I care. But it's weird.

OW! Son of a bitch!

The level has a chain that swings across every now and again without warning. It took me so much by surprise that I didn't even get a screenshot of it, I had to edit this together from other screens.

But using cheap tricks couldn't save him in the end. I win by time out.

Wow, did he just throw his own head on the ground in frustration?

And then Prime 8 kicks my ass. This guy looks a lot like that gorilla bot. Oh, Prime 8... primate, yes very clever.

You know, this isn't really the train wreck I was expecting. I imagine it'd fall apart for anyone with some amount of fighting game knowledge, but for me it seemed playable, and the graphics aren't that bad. It definitely looks slicker than Xenophage did.

But I've got no interest in ever playing it again. Next game.


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