Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ultraman (SNES)

This is going to be about walking right and punching people isn't it?

Or a fighting game! That was totally going to be my second choice... perhaps third.

Damn, that creature looks like he's wearing a brain for a hat. Or maybe it's just a shower cap.

Ultraman races away from an explosion to bravely fight this monster.

Actually, no he's just standing there posing. Why was he flying from an explosion anyway? Did he have something to do with it? Was he trying to flee from the scene? Did Ultraman just hit a bank and steal all the cash?

Intergalactic space-police monster officer Gudis arrives to apprehend the suspect. Wow that guy does not look any prettier in sprite form. Although to be fair there's NOTHING pretty about this game.

"You'll never take me alive copper!" shouts Ultra-Man, discharging his weapon at the officer.

It seems I've got a energy weapon on my arm that charges up over time. Or maybe it charges up when you hit the enemy, it's hard to tell because I'm always hitting him.

Come on! You have no health bar, you're dead! Why won't you die?

It says 'FINISH'. What does that mean? I have to finish him somehow? I've been punching him, kicking him, flying kicking him, picking him up and throwing him! This fight just will not end. And yes I did try the energy shot.

But hang on, it seems I can switch between different energy attacks as they charge up. Always gotta save the flashiest super attack for last...

Yeah, that did it. Finally.

And the adventures of space-fugitive Ultra-Man continue.

But wait, what's this? They've sent out bizarro Godzilla to take us down? 240ft tall?! Oh dear.

Yeah, kick him in the face! Wait, isn't that his head with the horns on the other side of his body? What the hell am I kicking then, his ass? Actually, I don't want to know, ignorance is bliss etc.

I going to try to kill this one entirely with kicks. Flying kicks to be precise. Half to see if I can and half because I'm too tired and bored to fight him properly.

Yep, flying kicks are all you need. He exploded differently to the last guy which is a nice touch.

To the next future crime scene, up up and away!

That face is awesome. But I'm still going to flying kick him in it until he explodes.

Against all odds he's even stupider looking in action. He looks like someone just threw a bucket of water over him, and he's pissed off about it.

Wow, that laser beam is so bad looking it made Ultraman keel over in laughter. But mostly pain.

My flying kick trick isn't working so well anymore, and life on the run is getting old, so I give myself up to the authorities. Ultraman's 250 ft tall, he could just step out of prison anyway.

Next game.

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