Friday, 17 June 2011

Alien vs. Predator (SNES)

That's Alien vs. Predator, with a singular 'Alien' and a dot after the 'vs'.

Not to be confused with:
Alien vs Predator (1993) - Game Boy platformer.
Alien vs Predator (1994) - Jaguar first person shooter.
Aliens versus Predator (1999) - PC first person shooter.
Aliens vs Predator (2010) - current gen first person shooter.

Feel free to get it confused with the arcade game though, as it has the same name and genre and if they really wanted people to be able to know which is which they should have given them a subtitle or something.

Planet Vega 4, famous throughout the galaxy for its identical twin moons.

This seems to happen more often than you'd expect. That's some pretty nice artwork though I reckon.

Is that alien in the background dancing with a mannequin?

The desperate colonists send out a call for help. They wanted a team of colonial marines or two, but they got....

A predator! A really cocky predator who thinks he can take on an entire city infested with xenomorphs by himself.

Wow, who left all this predator equipment just lying around in the street? I should probably pick it up before someone gets hurt.

Invisibility pick up! Now the enemies will never see me picking up this stick and throwing it at them. Though it does kind of draw attention to the fact that the predator should have this trick as standard with a push of a button. I shouldn't need to pick up a temporary device.

The game doesn't seem so great so far, but they haven't totally drained the joy out of flying kicking an alien.

Blade gauntlet uppercut! Thankfully the game is bloodless, or else I'd be ankle deep in corrosive acid alien blood right now. Mostly because my feet would have melted.


Why am I still on this same screen? I don't mind fighting aliens but some progress would be nice. This is just wearing me down now.

Finally I get past that screen, with double the points and two lives down. Onto the... oh it's going to be a sewer level isn't it? Great.

The streets are safe, but I now must destroy the underground sewer hive. With my fists.

Unfortunately I barely have anything left after that endless fight. One hit and I'm out.

Well my poor predator was killed, but pressing continue started me back at the sewers with a full set of lives.

And then I was killed by this boss and sent right back to the start again. I did terrible, I barely even got a hit in.

Huh, how did I... oh it's a charged laser. I have to hold the button down to make it work.

Oh crap, what the fuck? I didn't mean to do that, I guess I held the button too long. I bet I've lost a chunk of my health after that. Super weapons in these games always seem to cost health to use.

It doesn't look like it, but this is actually going really well. Yeah I'm on my last life, but this poor alien's on its last legs. If I can just get another hit to connect before it spinning attacks me to death, this battle shall be mine.

Victory screenshot! Shame there's nothing interesting going on in it, but you can't blame me for that. I won the fight, it's their fault nothing cool happens afterwards.

That's pretty good art too.

I think I've figured out a strategy for this level.

First I slide left.

Then I slide right. And so on.

It's been working great so far, the aliens haven't managed to get a single hit on me. Though on the downside, it is incredibly boring.

Oh damn, they're on to me! These ones spit acid, so I have to be ready to jump, meaning no more sliding.

It's interesting how much variation they've managed to get out of these xenomorphs, yet they still have each enemy looking reasonable accurate to the movies. I don't remember the blue headed acid spitting aliens though to be honest.

Well now that they've finally gone I can get back to my routine. Slide left, slide right, slide left, slide right, slide left, slide right...

Aww,  that poor ape got cocooned up and chest-bursted over there in the background.

Ow, crap. Sliding doesn't seem to work so great on this boss.

Oh, this must be the alien that burst out of the ape, Hey, it did the thing... with the inner mouth coming out!

Also I've lost all my lives and health and now I'm going to continue back at the very start of the level. An excellent opportunity to quit and never play it again in my opinion.

Next game.


  1. Damn, sorry to leave so many comments on here! I just wanted to add that (and look on youtube for this btw) that the AVP arcade game (from between 1992-1995 I think) was much, much better then this, though I did enjoy this and latter AVP games (esp. the ones from 2010, 2001 and also the one on the Atari Jaguar too).

  2. Honestly the only good thing about this game is the soundtrack. Everyone seeing this should go check it out on youtube right now.


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