Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Eagle Eye Mysteries in London (MS-DOS)

The first mystery is 'how the hell did those two kids get on top of Big Ben?'

Oh crap, edutainment.

Okay, that's creepy. The passport photos blink, and when you move the cursor over them they grin at you. I'll bring the girl along as my crime fighting sidekick because the mouse pointer's already over there and I'm lazy.

The American mystery solving twins are staying with their English relatives while on holiday in London. Apparently they're sleeping in the room the owners use to store all their stereotypically British stuff. They even have a picture of the Queen.

I'm sure he is.

Okay someone left a note at Scotland Yard, addressed to these American kids who have only just arrived in London and haven't met anyone yet, containing a clue to a crime. And the inspector reacts by bringing them onto the case?

Seems sensible enough to me.

A priceless Egyptian cat statue has been stolen, and the thief has left a riddle so tricky that it has Scotland Yard stumped.

Okay, apparently it's been taken by 'the head eater of beef'. I'm not sure what a 'poser' is though.

I thought 'riddle' was the British term for 'riddle'? I guess I'm learning something!

I'm sure they'll be really impressed.

Okay, I should probably head to Scotland Yard (represented here by a miserable dog) to chat to the inspector and find more clues.

Wow, mixing amateurish cartoon pixel art and photographs really doesn't work.

Inspector Gage fills us in on the details. Because he's too lazy or stupid to do his own job. The thief planted the cat statue in a shop selling cheap replicas, and someone bought it without knowing they had the real statue.

Clicking on the notes on his desk revealed that they already had a list of three people who could have bought the statue, and they just couldn't be bothered to visit them.

Fortunately we've got enough money to go travelling across London all day, so we're going to go and interview each suspect. First up is... uh, why couldn't they have labelled this map?

It's labelled when you zoom in, but not in regular view. Whatever, lets go to Covent Garden where the statues were sold.

Man, this music isn't getting any less annoying.

Hey, our buddy Nigel was one of the people who bought a cat statue. But wait, he was eating FISH AND CHIPS! Our statue owner is 'an eater of beef', so that crosses him off the list.

Next stop, Warwick Castle (Britain's Ultimate Castle according to the website) which google says is near Birmingham. A long way to go just to chat about a cat.

Okay, she doesn't eat beef. Back on the train.

This is the last suspect, at the Tower of London. I switched to the other twin in the options to see if it changed anything, and apparently this guy can't even tell that he's male, so I guess not.

I think I'm finally starting to figure this mystery out...

Okay now I've been to every place, and clicked on the two or three highlighted objects on each screen, I can go through all the notes and highlight five that support my theory on who the correct suspect is. Weirdly, tutorial notes also count as clues.

Sadly clicking five tutorial notes wasn't good enough to convince anyone that the Beefeater had the statue, but it didn't make me lose the game either.

I clicked the right clues and solved the mystery! Now everyone is happy! Except for Scotland Yard who still haven't gotten any closer to catching the thief. And the poor Beefeater who just got a priceless statue taken away from him.

With the mystery solved, the twins relax with milk, cookies, tea and sandwiches, and look through their scrapbook.

Wouldn't 'Young Detectives Retrieve Egyptian Artefact' have been a more interesting headline? Or perhaps 'Scotland Yard Suckers Pre-Teen Twins Into Solving Crime'.

Next mystery!

Damn that really is an awful lot of mysteries. Uh, screw that then.

Next game.

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