Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spider-Man X-Men: Arcade's Revenge (SNES)


Part two:
Lots of TMs. That title screen is a bit of a step down from the last Spider-Man game, though to be fair it did come out a few years earlier.

The stars of the game, Spider-Man, Storm, Wolverine, Gambit, and Scots-man the human flag.

The story so far.

I'm assuming they're being captured by Arcade in revenge for something they did in the comics, because all the X-Men have done in the game so far is go for a walk. Off screen.

Spider-Man's looking a lot more like himself in this one. I assumed I'd be following the truck or something, but instead I've been left on a roof. I've found this thing though. It doesn't do anything, and I can't pick it up, but it looks very conspicuous.

I guess I'll follow the arrow up, seeing as that's all I can do.

More suspicious devices! The plot thickens.

I heroically swung across between the buildings with my web to investigate, collided into a girder, and fell back down to the street. I tried firing off a web while jumping, but he only wants to do it when he's firmly on the ground.

Also, what the hell is up with those clouds? Had the artist even seen the sky before?

Oh, duh! Spider-Man can climb walls! Figuring that out makes it a lot easier to get around.

The arrow is pointing to this box, same as all the others except this one's flashing. Oh great, I think I've figured it out. It's another collect 'em up, only this time I have to pick things up in the correct order. At least they were merciful enough to give me an arrow to follow.

Killing these enemies is a bitch, because you only have just enough time to jump up and fire a web at it between its shots. Every mistimed jump makes me lose health, and that's not easy to come by on this level. At least my web fluid doesn't run out in this.

At last Spider-Man finds the Wall of Idiots, all of them caught while taking a walk in their uniforms. It may look like Spider-Man is paying attention to the guy in the bow tie, but really he's just imagining what it'd be like if he could fit that screen in his apartment.

Oh wow, there's a character select screen. I'll go with Wolverine first.

Occupation: Adventurer?

I bet he doesn't have regenerating health in this.


Also, wow he DOES have regenerating health! And a button to make his claws go SNIKT. And this level isn't even a collect 'em up! It is full of clowns though so I'll move on.

Scott "Slim" Summers? I didn't know people called him Slim.

Cyclops unfortunately doesn't have regenerating health. He does have eye beams though.

And his level has a floor that kills you in one hit. Next character.

Weirdly Storm's level is underwater, and has comic style sound effects that flash on screen when you kill things. It seems that I have to blow up valves to increase the water level so I can get around.

I have an air gauge instead of a health bar. It goes down over time and when I take hits, but I can refill it by taking a breath back at the surface. Though it's getting harder to reach the surface as I break valves and flood the level.

And they keep putting doors in the way, which I have to break down using my... weather powers. I haven't got a clue what she's firing, but it does the job. This level is a damn maze and I'm really getting sick of it now.

This is Gambit's level and... oh shit, not a boulder again. I hate having to outrun boulders.

Fortunately it's easy enough to stay ahead of it, and I can shoot enemies with my magic cards. Annoyingly my magic cards can run out, so I have to be careful about how many I fire off and make sure to pick more up as I go.

Spider-Man again, and thankfully still not another collect 'em up. But I'm really bored of this now, so I'm moving on to something else.

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