Monday, 9 May 2011

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! (SNES)

Wow, I can barely read the title of the game. Plus what happened to that background?

Babs Bunny shouts to Buster, warning him that animals are loose in the school. Well duh! There's only like two humans in that place and the rest are bunnies, ducks, pigs, tasmanian devils... and that's just the teaching staff.

Can't jump on enemies, got it.

I can do a double jump though, but it's more of a jump + flip.

Acme Looniversity needs to be more wheelchair accessible. Maybe I can crawl or roll underneath.

Sliding worked! Though I slid straight into a frog. Buster needs to start working out, learn some martial arts or something, the guy is a total pushover.

Dash, then jump. Got it!

These Dodo statues apparently refill my dash power so I can keep moving.

I need to keep collecting statues to keep my dash going up these long walls. I keep screwing it up thought, running out of dash power, falling right back down again, and having to wait for my dash gauge to fill up to take another shot at it.

Getting hit also sends me right back down again. Which is a pain in the ass.
So far this has all been jumping over gaps and running up walls, and the the penalty for failure is annoying.

Damn, I messed up another jump and now I'm back down in the lobster pit.

Damn, it doesn't take too many screw ups to end up in the dumpster.

Okay I think I've got this bit figured out. I've got to press the button to move the bookcases closer together so I can dash up the side and jump the gap between bookcases back and forth to avoid the enemies hanging off the shelves throwing books down. Simple.

It's not something I've got the hang of yet.

Yeah to be honest I totally suck at this.

But I wasn't enjoying it anyway.

Next game.


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