Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tuff E Nuff (SNES)

I'm guessing either a side scrolling beat 'em up or a platformer about a woodland creature with attitude. In the forest.

Not about woodland creatures then.

Our heroes, no doubt.

Hey it's a glowing yellow wireframe Michelin man.

I like how the moody picture of a tower at sunset contrasts with 'NUFF TUFF E NUFF' in the background.

Hmm, I think I'd better go with Ryu. I mean Syoh.

You know, I'm starting to think this might not be a side scrolling beat 'em up either.

Yeah, it's a fighting game. A fighting game with only four playable characters though? Seems a bit low.

Also, what the hell? This is way too competent for a game called 'Tuff E Nuff'. I was expecting a train wreck, and what I've got seems to be a fairly decent Street Fighter II wannabe. Even the animation is fine.

Damn, we punched each other at the same time. That's just... annoying.

Button mashing HADOUKEN!!!

Button mashing SHORYUKEN!!!!

He was no match for my Street Fighter moves, but my next opponent is fast, cunning, and carries knives.

Agh, I'm getting sick of us hitting each other at the same time. I'm sure this happens in other fighting games, but never often enough for me to notice it before.

C'mon I was actually winning this time! Damn she's fast.

Son of a bitch! One more hit and I would have finally beaten her.

This replay at the end of the fight lets you see how badly you screwed up in the last few seconds of the match. Here we see my combined punch and foot stomp technique was effortlessly blocked by her 'hide in the corner' technique.


YES!!! I did it! I finally beat her!

Now I just have to do it a second time to win the match.

Son of a bitch.

Next game.

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