Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Terminator (Game Gear)

I have actually played this one before, it was one of the first games I bought for my Game Gear. But I never did manage to get anywhere in it.

It's been a while though, maybe I've become much better at games since then. Somehow.

I... see.

Those are some pretty impressive gaps there. You could maybe even fit two words in the gap on the 'destroying the' line, though they would have to be short ones.

Okay, we've got to break into the enemy base full of Terminators, then find and destroy the reactor. Sounds easy enough.

Oh come on, you're not even giving me a chance to dodge these bombs you bastard HK.

Finally, I'm safe from the HK and his parachute bombs.

Oh by the way, the only weapon they gave us to fight the infinite Terminators is grenades. I've got a health bar so I'm not dead in one hit, but once it's all gone it's game over. There's no lives, no continues.

Oh, the reason the health has gone up between screenshots is because I died and restarted. Over and over and over...

I've just gotta take out the Terminators following me, then blow the wall...

...then quickly take out the Terminators on the other side. Then quickly take out any following me again. Simple.

I can duck to avoid shots, but that doesn't buy me much time because the Terminators will also duck and start firing low shots instead.

Mid air grenade kill! (I got him).

I've never actually gotten this far in the game before, so this is all new to me now. I can continue going right, or go down these stairs instead. I guess I'll go left.

Oh shit, another HK. I think I took a wrong turn.

Yeah, that's starting to seem likely.

I tried going right instead, and got a free health refill!

More walls to blast through, more Terminators trying to sneak up on me.

Crap, another dead end?

I guess I'm supposed to jump up those boxes or something, but it's hard to jump when you're covered in Terminators and it's hard to get rid of the Terminators when you're trying to jump up boxes.

Oh cool, I was playing as Kyle Reese?

Uh... I mean, oh shit I died! That's really sad and frustrating and I'm not at all grateful that I can turn this damn game off and do something else. Honest.

Next game.

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  1. The important thing is that you tried.....


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