Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tom and Jerry (SNES)

I get the feeling this might not be as polished as some of those other cartoon games.

Nice pillow shaded brickwork there. Jerry looks like he's wandered in from another game, one with much better graphics.
I can throw stuff at enemies, but annoyingly these guys are too short to get hit. Jerry needs to work on his aim.

Fortunately they're the perfect height to get jumped on and crushed. It is nice when a game lets me choose how I want to deal with enemies.

Time for the next level, film world!

Huh, I don't get it.

Oh, apparently we're inside a projector, jumping on the film as it threads through. Jerry seems as bothered by this as I am.

Okay, I just need to get up here and I can kill that little Frankenstein monster and... okay this isn't working.

Or maybe I can get up this way. Hmmm, no that's not working out either.

Crap, I fell between the blocks, hit the bottom of the level, and died.

Well I could go all the way back up there and try it again (hey, the next level might be awesome!) Or I could turn it off and never play it again. Yeah, I'm leaning towards the second choice here.


  1. Request: the NES Tom & Jerry games - Tom & Jerry and Tom & Jerry 3.

    1. Always room for more Tom & Jerry on the site.


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