Friday, 20 May 2011

The Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES)

That's a little more interesting than the average NES title screen so far. I've got no idea what to expect from it though. Or what the different between Game A and Game B could be.

Wow, what an asshole. The game has barely finished saying "THE ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY!", and already this guy has kidnapped Billy's girlfriend. Or maybe she's his sister... or even just a friend of his.

Whoever she is, I wish she would stop blinking her empty golden eyes all through the intro.

Crocodile Dundee is sick of it too.

Wow, they're just going to drive around the streets with her yelling out the back the whole way?

I think I've figured that much out myself already, but thanks.

Hey it's a side scrolling beat 'em up. It seems I've got a punch, a kick, and if I press them both together I get a flying kick.

Uh, are you working for the asshole who kidnapped my acquaintance? I'm just asking because I was planning to beat the crap out of you, but if it turned out that you're not even involved then that'd be so embarrassing.

Bayou Billy Punch! Yeah that's right, I hit him so hard I turned him white.

Damn, I didn't really want to be losing hit points so early. I don't have many to lose here.

Well, if it only costs me 2 hit points per k/o, then I should be able to take out at least... 2 more of them. I may be in trouble here.

Crap, now even the birds are out to get me! Did that asshole hire these things too, or do they just hang around in the trees waiting for someone who's having a really bad day to walk by so they can make it worse?

I've already lost one life and half a health bar, leave me alone!

I don't have a jump button, but flying kick does just as well.

Well, flying kick isn't going to get me over that gap. Maybe I can swim or wade across. I'm a little concerned about those splashes though.

Shit, it's a crocodile. Three crocodiles! Shit shit shit.

Okay, new plan. Never go in the water again. Ever.

If I can run up to him before he throws that rock, I should be able to hit him, then get behind him and hit him again. Then I just keep doing that until he dies.

One guy alone is managable, it's only when they get into groups that I start really struggling.

Well this ain't good.

He's already dead, just leave him alone! Please, let the poor guy rest in piece.

Oh crap, he just threw a knife at me! How was I supposed to prepare for that?

Fuck, he's running for the knife again!

You are not picking that knife up a third time mate. I take him down using my standard 'run to one side and hit him, then run to the other and hit him again' technique.

This is the edge of the screen, I can't go any further. What am I supposed to do, fight the crocodiles?

Yeah, I'm not fighting crocodiles.

And Annabelle was never rescued.

I checked out practice mode, and it gave me a choice of three gameplay styles to practice. The second one is a driving stage, where I dodge obstacles and shoot blue cars.

 I didn't do too great at it.

The last mode had two choices, Game A and Game B. Game B let me used the pad to control the crosshair, so I guess that's one mystery solved.

Damn, running out of ammo kills him? Can't I just shoot off screen and reload or something? Well fine, I was bored of it anyway.

Next game.


  1. Are you even aware that there's a Japanese version of this game called "Mad City" (which is FAR easier to complete)?

    1. I wasn't aware of that three years ago, but I did become aware at some point in the meantime somehow. I've no plans to actually play it or compare the two versions though, as I've put Bayou Billy behind me now. I've moved on. There's still plenty of other NES games left for me to get around to first.


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