Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hi-Octane (MS-DOS)

Oh wow, it's a Bullfrog game. That's probably a good sign. Probably.

That is a terrible menu font they've chosen. It's hard enough to read the text against that background as it is.

Hmm, screw all those other... things, I'm taking the DeLorean.

It seems like a less stylish Wipeout, with a terrible draw distance. The car drives pretty well though, and I'm not crashing into every wall.

Wipeout (MS-DOS)
It's hard to say if Wipeout technically has better graphics than Hi-Octane, but it's definitely more interesting to look at.

It appears that I am equipped with both machine guns and missiles. Which is cool.

The race seems to be going on down the right side of this fork, but how can I not go down the road lined with signs covered in arrows and guns?

Hey, it's gun street. Well that was totally pointless, back to the race.

Come back you assholes, I want to shoot you some more! This really isn't the best racing game I've played lately, but it's playable enough.

It'd be nice if it had a better interface though. I can't tell what any of those scruffy looking bars up there refers to. Well okay I guess the yellow on one the right is probably gun ammo.

Man it's annoying when enemies are exploding and I'm not the one causing it.

Blowing up enemies scatters these things across the track. No idea what they do, though they are the same colour as the bars on the hud.

What the fuck, I had limited fuel? What do I do now then, just roll around until my car comes to a stop?

Son of a bitch! Why did they even waste ammo blowing me up, it wasn't like I was going to win the race with an empty tank.

Hey, I respawned with a full tank of fuel! Thanks Mad, if I see you around I'll definitely return the favour. Wow, the fuel icon is on top of the wrong side of the bar, on the first part to disappear when you start burning up fuel. That's some really terrible design.

And I crawl in to last place.

I think I'm in last place. Though I could be wrong, I can barely make out this text.

Next game.

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