Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bad Blood (MS-DOS)

Post apocalyptic Mad Max style gang fighting is my first guess.

Ah, that looks a bit nicer than a desert wasteland... oh.

Humanity rebuilds, watched over by... whoa, Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex. And Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander! Damn, now I'm starting to get my hopes up.

Cartoon mutants, not exactly what I was hoping for.

Yeah, screw fighting, lets just get hammered.

Turkle-up? Buzzar off? I've never liked reading future slang, it always sounds so cheesy.

Wait, what? What's this for, I wasn't listening.

It's a trick, it doesn't matter which one you choose it always turns out to be you! I guess there's no getting out of doing this stupid mission. Alone

Wait, why is there a human hand doing the selecting?


Ressok told me to meet him later so we can talk, but I decided to get out of town now. It seems I can collect items just by walking over them, so at least I won't have to click everything on screen to see if I can grab it.

It seems I can either start chitchat or ask people about 'war'. Neither seems to give me any useful info.

I go check a couple of houses, but all I find is more 'nades'. I don't have a map, so I decide to try going south.


The barren, miserable wasteland is pretty empty and depressing so far. All I've done so far is run away from animals trying to kill me. And this short looping bit of music that has been constantly playing the whole time is driving me crazy.


Hey, I found a city! Our hero has been automatically eating through his food supply so I hope I find a stash of food or a shop somewhere. Also I hope eating food restores health because I was playing around with the 'nades earlier, and I kind of accidentally blew myself up.

These people are even less helpful than the villagers. They keep telling me to join their worship.

Yes, I found a bottle of something, possibly water or a health spray. Oh, it's bugspray. Fantastic.

Oh great, I tried to eat some of the food and got a message about radaysh... radiation sickness. This is so 'Fallout' that it's making me want to turn it off and put New Vegas on instead.


Well, that's it. Can't go any further that way. I guess I'll try east then.


Screw it. I'm nearly out of health and food, and I'm sick of these damn creatures trying to kill me. I'm just going to wave this knife around until something dies.

Oh wow, I killed something! And... they dropped food. I'm an idiot. Of COURSE you kill animals to get food, it's so obvious.

Well, it's okay. The mutants can send out one of those other two candidates instead. Or maybe they could go wild and send both!

I can't say I really liked this one. Next game.


  1. I never realised those guys made this game. Wow.

    This heavily relied on the feelies in the box. There was an entire lingo guide you had to refer to to understand anything anyone said, and a large fold-out map which you had to memorise to get anywhere.

    That being said, once you had all these, the game world was massively engrossing and I can still sit down and competently navigate my way around the game world from memory.

    I got pretty far in this and have watched a playthrough to completion. You go on a fetch quest to get a Mac Classic for a character who is a ripoff of Yoda, then go see those crazy religious guys and save some human from political drama.

    The female is the best character. She came come and go from the human cites as she pleases (the mutant fellow must find a slave collar to do this), her unlimited-ammo ranged attack makes it much easier to dispatch enemies (the two males have melee attacks), and from memory she doesn't suffer from radiation sickness like the human does.

    1. Agree... a most engrossing game, one I spent countless hours with as a kid. I did beat it with at least one of the characters, but I seem to recall that you get different endings depending on who you beat it with.

  2. Hey, this is Times of Lore in the future. Never noticed, now I have to load it up to check.


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