Saturday, 7 May 2011

Time Trax (SNES)

Hey, I remember this TV series. Only joking.

This is a time travel game where you play as a time agent who has to travel through time from the future to hunt down and stop time criminals in the present.

Actually, just watch this helpful video and it'll explain everything: Time Trax Intro (youtube link).

I'm not sure if he's done any time travelling yet though, so this might still be the future. You'd think the future would be cleaner though, without webs all over the foreground.

I'm starting think it's more likely that this level is set in the future.

This machine alternates between firing from its upper and lower lasers, so it's easy enough to dodge. Unless you're an idiot like me.

I'm not sure who that guy is down there, he looks like he's security, but he doesn't seem bothered by the sounds of lasers and yelps of pain directly above him.

I can take him down without being penalised, so he must have been evil. Probably.

I haven't been hit, this is just his blocking pose. Seriously.

Aww crap, the floor gave way! It's okay though, I think I'll be able to grab that pipe and swing away to safety. Even if that doesn't work, it's not a massive problem. Spikes are thankfully not instakill in this.

C'mon you bastard! Move so I can climb down this ladder and kick your ass.

That's a pretty nice effect. It actually gets darker gradually as I get lower.

Oh crap, enemies are shooting me from the foreground now? I have to stay out of the way of a tiny laser dot sweeping the screen or else I get shot by green lasers out of nowhere.

Wow no shit lady, I died!

Damn, they really smashed up poor Darien's face there, he's covered in bruises and dithering. Well at least I've solved the mystery of what those letters I've been picking up are for.

Okay I decided to continue playing, so I had to start right at the beginning of the game again and... OH SHIT A SPIDER!

And it's crawling around the web towards me... IT'S JUMPING FROM THE WEB AT ME!!!

Oh, wow I guess the web is really close the screen, the spider is actually tiny. I don't think it's even an enemy. It's not often you see something jump from the foreground to the level like that though. I can't believe I'm being impressed by something in a game based on Time Trax.

Oh shit it's a boss, and he's coming right for me!

Agh, he's crushing the life out of me with his enormous arms!

I'll give him a swift kick to the shins, see how he likes that. Wow this guy is actually pretty crap, I'm hacking chunks off of his life bar down here.

He... exploded.

I was not expecting that.

Hey, there was a secret lab behind that wall. And it's full of scientists to beat up. This place is definitely the future, I'm sure of it now. Well either the future or the 70s.

Who puts a laser in front of a ladder like that? That ain't right at all. That was the last of my lives, so if I want to try that level again I've got to play through from the start of the game.

Screw that. Next game.

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